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Originally Posted by PokemonGiratinaX View Post
Congratulation on your hack, WarriorCat I can't wait to play it!
Also here is my custom trainer:

Trainer Type: Cool Trainer
Trainer Name: Fang
Where to put: Victory Road
Pokemon on team: Venusaur LV 43 and Ampharos LV 45
I'm sorry, I can make your trainer, but one of the rules are only Kanto Pokemon before the E4, so can give a Pokemon to replace Ampharos. Also, could you make your levels higher, I'll update the main post with the levels I planned for each area as soon as I'm done with the list, the trainers in Victory Road will be low to mid 70s.

Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
I really like it that it's a Ralts! And I hope that it'll be successful! :D And here's my custom trainer:

Trainer Type: Youngster
Trainer Name: Blake
Where to Put: Mt. Moon
Pokemon on Team: LV. 14 Charmander, LV. 15 Dratini, LV. 13 Scyther
All right, your team looks good, the levels fit my Mt. Moon plans perfect, which are 13-17.

I'm having trouble scripting the given Pokemon, so I'm going to put that on hold, unless someone else can do it, I'll give them full credit for the scripts.
If anybody's interested, PM me and I'll send a list of all the gift Pokemon, including the post game ones, all they have to do is make them, and I'll insert them, also, there are a lot, 44 to be exact.