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    With a start, Andy awoke to unfamiliar surroundings.
    The scruffy youth had no idea where he was... Or at least, he couldn't recall just yet.
    And then, like a lightning bolt to the brain, it hit him.
    "The boat! Has it arrived!?" Andy leapt up off of the seat he'd fallen asleep in on the boat and looked out it's window.
    "We've arrived already!?" he exclaimed, dashing onto the boat's deck. Andy rushed to the closest place he could exit the boat and clambered off of it.
    "Darn it! Just like me, falling asleep on my way to the greatest place on the planet since... Ever!" Andy knocked a knuckle on his own head in annoyance, frowning.
    "Now where'd all of those people from earlier go!?" Andy asked no one, folding his arms and tapping his foot on the ground.
    Less than half a second later, he propelled himself forward into a sprint, running towards the small town in the distance.
    "I'll look there! They're bound to have gone in that direction!"

    - Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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