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    What's up people?? Yup, just as the title says this is possibly the hardest Pokemon mod ever made! But let's slow down a bit and allow me to introduce myself. I'm War Rock Exe and I've been around PC for awhile now and ever since i joined I've always wanted to make my own Pokemon hack/mod for GBA. Well i wasn't very good at scripting or mapping so after multiple attempts i gave up. Then i played Drayano's Blaze Black mod and thought, "Hey, there's not much scripting or mapping involved in making these kind of games, so i should give it a shot!!" And the rest is history...

    All Pokemon Capture-able before Elite 4 (i think)
    HARD @$$ rival battles that will leave u crying after each battle
    Most Pokemon have improved stats, so they're harder to defeat
    HARD @$$ Gym Battles, some even have legendaries
    More double/rotation/triple battles, in fact there are only a few single battles in the game
    Legendary Pokemon in almost every route
    New movesets

    Don't worry i haven't made this game impossible, but if you wanna see what it will look like watch this video : Do you still wanna play...?

    In the attachments i have 5 things: "Dat Text File" has the locations of all the wild pokemon, please tell me if there are any missing. Pokemon Omega Black Documentation shows all the changes i made to the pokemon... And the last 3 are screenshots hope you enjoy

    Glitches: In double/triple battles sometimes the enemy will attack their own pokemon

    Credits (thanks):
    The Grubby Pup: for all his wonderful advice and the moveset edits
    Drayano: for putting up with my constant nagging, and the advice
    TwistedFatal: for all his advice and answering my questions
    Zero: for all his pokemon tools

    EDIT: forgot so put the download link after i already submitted the thread XD
    Download link in UPS format (message me if you have any problems) :

    Update 11/21/2012: Added Download Link in Xdelta format since i've been told that the UPS format it too large and re-edited the stats of every pokemon to make it more fair:
    STATUS; BETA 1 70%