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Jari Hernandez

#1: “The Dreams and The League”

Jari looked over as the weird red creature stood, staring at him, swiping its claws, saying, “You... you are the one that holds them. Them. You know, the powers that you have...!” Jari shrugged. He had no idea what this guy was talking about. “You know, going through things that you wouldn’t be able to do normally...,” it provided, but it was probably swelled with anger. Jari was mostly trying to see if the magma that was around them could set things on fire. Irritated and rude, it yelled, “are you listening?!” Suddenly, Jari could move the magma around with his mind. “There you go...” the pokemon, in a lighter tone. It was big, and lizard like, and seemed to be able to control the ground... and magma- like he could. “Now turn it into stone.” Jari decided now to obey the Pokemon, and he tried. He really, really tried. But he couldn’t. He could move stone, but not make it. “Stop being an idiot! We’ve tried loads of times!” it yelled. Jari couldn’t remember when... but that’s when the Pokemon said, “Times UP! Leave!”

Suddenly, Jari woke up. That dream... THE dream... it was so weird. Jari couldn't figure out heads or tails of it. One thing was certain, though- he had never seen the Pokemon. Maybe Mama, Jari's grandmother, could figure it out after a vivid description. She was pretty good at myths, and if anything, she would tell him what it was, and why he was seeing it over and over in these strange dreams which had come so strangely...

So it had all started about 3 months ago, before he had even discovered his powers of the earth and heat. At first, it was just a silhouette or a extremely unseen watermark in a dream. But after the fire which had killed his parents and made him homeless, his dreams suddenly were occasionally solely about this Pokemon. At first, he didn't give it much thought- hell, doesn’t everyone get weird dreams sometimes? But then the dreams were more and more common, until... he knew there was something wrong. Walking into town, Jari was happy he didn’t have to go to school. He learned at his own pace via textbook, and when state exams came, he just went to where they were being held- in other words, he home-schooled himself.

Hawaii wasn't as cracked up as everyone else made it out to be. They had been in tourist attractions, though. Jari LIVED in Hawaii. Not to mention that both his parents were dead and that he practically had to fend for himself. Blaze, his Monferno, was walking aside with the same mood, cold and nonchalant. That particular day, Jari wasn't expecting much to happen, except a explanation of his dreams, which were sure to be just simple little things, anyway. All he had to do was walk in, get supplies, see grandmother, and go back to studying fire until testing started again. As Jari walked, Blaze looked around, as many people tried to keep away from the Pokemon. Since the rumor that the fire monkey had started the flame that had destroyed Jari's home, many were afraid of not only Blaze, but of Pokemon in general. The Knights of Valor claimed this was a certain sign that Pokemon and Humans were not meant to be together.

Jari began this long walk towards the home in the distance, he wondered how his grandmother was. She was very likely sewing or something. As he rapped on the door, he heard a old voice. His grandmother, oh so very fond of her grandson, opened the door. Oh, hola, what are you doing here? Grandmother was his source of money- since she didn’t ‘need’ it, supposedly. It was from the government, (you know, social security), and he just took a little, since grandmother got food from her crops in the backyard, anyway.

“I needed to ask you about something.”
“What happened?”
Jari proceeded to sit down, tell her about his dreams, and his powers in real life. He also described the Pokemon.
“It was a big, red, giant lizard thing. It had spikes on its sides, and it had awesome powers, similar to mine, but more powerful. It had markings and grooves all over its body... and it was so... amazing. It seems a bit rude, though.”
“Sounds like...” she began.
“Sounds like who?!” Jari leaned forward in his chair in anticipation.
“Don’t remember.” She frowned. Mama digested the information, and said, “I think I once knew, but I don’t remember anymore.”
“OK... I’ll see you later, then.”
Jari was approaching the more touristic side of town, where tourists spent their time in spas away from the local, darker neighborhoods, to find some groceries. Although they were more expensive, he usually got better quality and more food. As he approached, a kid reminiscent of an Ace Trainer (you know, green hair,) approached. "Oh no, not this guy again...," Jari thought. His perfect, green hair swayed in the breeze. He was one of those kids who could get away with any chick. And today, he decided to bully the homeless orphan. Again. Why bully him? Why can't you just go make out with one of those chicks who follow you around all day with their perfect swimsuit bodies and little puppy eyes? But no, get all tough-like on the kid who probably has it worse than you. As the kid approached, he began to speak in a cool voice- It would've been cooler if he wasn't to try to make himself seem superior.

"Hey guys, do you know what this guy is?" he said casually to his cronies who followed him like the lapdogs they were.
"Oh yeah, a small little wittle homeless person." Inaccurate. He was actually as tall, if not slightly taller, than the kid was.
"Yes, but do you know what else he is? A big loser!" Inaccurate again. He had won in many different things, and he was a very skilled battler. No matter, he still got a punch to the face.
"Hmph. Whatever. Why don't you leave and do something else, like something that, I don't know, has a legitimate purpose besides wooing the ladies and making your little soldiers proud." Jari kept cold, waiting for a reply, but he was pissed.
"Shut your mouth, peasant!" the kid snapped, smacking him across the face. Obviously, rich kid didn't know that they were in civilization, not acting for a movie about Ancient Rome. Keep your cool, Jari, keep your cool.
"And your mangy little monkey thing can go to hell, too!" As the kid raised his leg, however, so did Jari's fury.
“You can do whatever to me, but nothing to my Pokemon!” When the kid’s foot came down for a kick, a wall of magma came up out of the sidewalk. As the kid burned his toe on the seemingly magical wall, Jari scooped up Monferno and carefully put it on his shoulder, and quickly cooled the magma into stone so that the kid’s shoe was stuck in it. The monkey felt safer on the teenager's shoulder as it was, anyway. Then, Jari left. Feeling proud of himself, he remembered that this was what he had try to accomplish in the dream. He looked forward to sleeping again. Was it rage that made it cool, though? Or was it something else?

When the idiots ran away after the magma’s appearance (one with a shoe stuck in a newly wall) and the eating of a candy bar to replenish energy, Jari walked by the store full of televisions. Normally, Jari would just keep on walking. But now, something caught his eye. It was an advertisement for the Pokemon League. And as Jari thought about it, maybe as he beat this League, he could try to find out the weirdness behind these powers and these strange dreams. As he continued watching, he saw the applications and testing for Hawaii were being held tomorrow (so that you could receive a Trainer Card that made you an official Pokemon trainer). Jari wondered. This mysterious League was something he heard about in school as a child. They said they knew many things, and that only the strongest trainers who beat the eight gyms would be able to challenge them. Jari decided to apply, and he went back to the cave that he was residing in for the moment to come up with strategies and train.

When he fell asleep later, the first thing he heard was “good job, kid.”
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