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    Thomas Elias Brown

    All time to begin and a time to end.

    Thomas tossed and turned in his sleep, restless. It was happening again, that feeling of helplessness. Being watched by something you couldn't even begin to percieve. He opened his eye and reached up to touch whatever it was, his had brushing against cool, metalic scales. Was this real? Was he dreaming? There was no way to be sure. He stared up into the large eyes of the creature he had touched, not knowing what exactly it was. It was very strange and a little intimidating... Yet at the same time it was closer than his family. Closer even, than Esper. What was it? It was so maddening! He could not figure it out. When it spoke, it was with a wise, gentle tone of voice, though it did not move it's mouth.

    "It is time... Your time, Thomas."
    "Wh-who are you?" the teen said, sounding very curious and not at all scared. He looked the creature over again. Oh yes, it was VERY hamiliar.

    "When you learn that we shall meet face to face, not in this dream."

    "I meant you name." Thomas said softly. The creature seemed to chuckle.

    "My name is of no importance. Besides, you already know it. In time, you will remember that you know it. When you relearn the knowledge you know you have forgotten, then all shall be made clear."

    "The hell are you talking about? Why do you speak in riddles?" Thomas said sarcastically.

    "Because it would be no fun if I gave you all the answers."

    "Of course not D-"

    Thomas jerked awake. He was shivering, and when he turned arounf he could see his bed was covered in cold sweat. He could hear yelling downstairs, followed by a door slamming and was in a foul mood because of it. That dream... Again... Always the same. He'd get so close to saying D's name, then he'd suddenly wake up. It was frustrating! He had to know! He had to find him! Thomas closed his fist, and punched the bed, breathing heavily. Sunlight was streaming in his window, and when he looked at the clock he sighed. He was four hours late to school. Oh well. School... Did not matter. He had other dreams. He rifled through his bag and smiled before putting it on. He felt a gentle touch in his mind and smiled at the joy he felt spreading through the connection with his espeon. Esper was his name, and he was the best friend Thomas had. He pulled out some pampklet's with the Pokemon League logo and walked downstairs.

    "It's about time you got your lazy ass out of bed!" his father roared. Thomas gave him a flat look. Well, someone was drunk. He could smell the booze from where he was, and several bottle were scattered on the ground. His father was in the kitchen, standing over ssome boiling grease, frying something. He had a long beard and longer hair. A typical drunken redneck. Well, Thomas was sick of it. He was sick of this life. He rubbed his arm and glared at the man, throwing the pamphlets on the table.

    "It's about time some drunk bastard shut the hell up." he said. His father stopped and glared angrrily.

    "What did you ust say?" he said. Thomas clenched hif fists and grabbed a full bottle off of the table and hurled it against the wall. The bottle shattered and left a huge splash of beer on the yellowing paint.

    "I said I'm leaving. I'm going to go and collect the badges and challange the pokemon league." he said. His father went livid at this. He roared at Thomas, calling him a moron, and saying no son of his was going to travel with stupid animals and a lot of other nonsense that the boy tuned out. He clenched his fists and snarled back, walking right up to his fatherand poking his left hand in the man's chest.

    "I guess I'm not your son then." he said angrily.

    Esper looked up and meowed with concern as Thomas approached. The cat knew something was wrong. He knew it. Thomas pulled the glove up on his hand and grimaced, then pet Esper with his right hand.

    "We're leaving now. Come on, let's see where the first Gym is." he said softly. Esper had an odd gleam in his eyes, but thankfully he was incapable of speech. Esper padded along silently next to Thomas as he began to walk back towards town. Things... Might be looking up. Not too far away, a shadow was sitting in a clearing.

    "Hm... Could be him... I'll have to report back though..." the young male voice said, and whatever it was darted off, a small red blur behind them.
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