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Zoran Nishant

The hill was a secret place.

No one came up here, no one jeered in her ears. No one needed to be made to understand. It was refreshing, it was amusing. But it was also very lonely. The girl brushed strands of long hair from her face, shaking her head free of any distraction from the rising sun. It had been another night of tossing and turning for her, more dreams her mind was not making up on its own. Dreams of a dragon, dreams of red eyes that weren’t simply red. It wasn’t all that scary, simply distasteful. The creature whispered in her ears all the time, much like her own mind. Little of it made itself coherent, but the young girl never let her curiosity well up enough to explore it.

Not until now.

Rumors had been surfacing, rippling through the gossip of her hometown. That man was seen around the area recently, being friendly with townsfolk and appearing on the news. Zoran lifted a hand over the rising sun, the sun that reminded her of eyes, of a pointed stare on her shoulder blades. She shook her head and stretched her legs onto the grass. “They’ll be awakening soon,” she said softly. “And so will you.” Zoran then chuckled, mischief rising onto the corners of her mouth. “Ah... what a mess hey?”

There was no immediate reply, until there was a sudden, low rumble by her left hand. The dog beside her, blissfully asleep, let out another pleased as punch snore, drooling from the side of his mouth. She scratched behind the dog’s ears. Silly as he was, he was a rather old, experienced pup. He deserved his rest too. Zoran closed her eyes to the oncoming wind, trying to remember her dreams, the odd dreams of a calling...

You shouldn’t try to force events that won’t happen.

Zoran only smiled at this, ignoring the utter insanity that would soon rise from the morning sun. “I wonder...” she murmured. “I wonder what people are worth to this world... that people like us exist... Are we toys?” The teen giggled to herself. “Hm... we probably are!” This exclamation was unintentionally loud, making her Houndour snuffle and whine, yawning himself awake. “Oh... sorry Doom.” The dog merely yawned, stretching.


Zoran smiled and didn’t turn. “What’s the matter sis?”

Down floated a young girl, her small, transparent face tight with a deep anxiety no child had naturally. She was the teenager in adorable miniature, barring the long rip down the back of a dress and the purple gleam in bright eyes.If we’re leaving, we should go now. There’s some weirdo driving by here. Zoran giggled and the other pouted. Oh honestly, could her big sister just take threats seriously? That was why she was always hit in the face. Zora!

She waved the girl off almost dismissively. “It’s fine, perfectly fine. We like a challenge you know? Well then...” Zoran rose to her feet, wiping grass and dirt from her rear without any decorum whatsoever; There were a lot of things that she could do, many places she could head but... the place she need to go first... was east.

New York, she thought quietly. I have to warn them... before everything starts up again. “Come on Zari,” Zoran encouraged aloud. “We’re off now! Dreaming is fun, but playing is more interesting~”

Zaria sighed and floated after her down the hill. She would not change would she? That hopeless big sister...

Behind their backs, ashes floated away.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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