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    CO-GM: Mick Fizz

    It all started in the Kanto Region. When Red failed to beat Team Rocket. Within days of Red's defeat the Kanto Region had been taken by the evil team. Within weeks Johto had fallen to their rule. Within Months, the rest of the world was controlled by Team Rocket. Now it's five years later and things have changed in all regions. The Pokemon League no longer happened, but citizens could have their own Pokemon, if they wanted to risk losing them. The only ones immune to this rule were members of Team Rocket and their Families. There were even schools set up in each of the Regions to train youngsters for the day they could join. But like history says, every time there is a tyrant ruling over people a rebellion forms. Though there are only rumors of it.

    Team Rocket:
    Team Rocket is still lead by Giovanni but he now resides in the Orange Islands as ruler of the world. He takes all powerful Pokemon for himself, but has managed not to get a legendary Pokemon yet. His Admin Petrel is in charge of the Kanto Region and he rules with an iron fist. He like most of the other admins follow all Giovanni's orders, though he's a bit crueler and will take Pokemon from people for no reason. Proton is in charge of Johto and he turns a blind eye to some things, for the right amount of Money some people can keep their Pokemon safe. Archer is in Charge of the Hoenn Region and he could care less what Giovanni says, all he cares about is power, and he is even planning on fighting Giovanni for control. Jessie and James after being promoted for their part in helping take over rule over Sinnoh and really are pretty useless at it, unknown to many it is actually Meowth who makes all the decisions. Finally Ariana rules over the Unova Region, she is searching all over for legendary Pokemon to give to Giovanni and is the most devoted of his admins.

    The Rebellion:
    The Rebellion is a secret group of people all over the Pokemon World. The leaders of the group are the former Champions from each of the regions and the former gym leaders. The goal of the rebellion is to take down Team Rocket. SO far though they haven't done much of anything. They've done enough to start rumors but not enough for Team Rocket to believe the rumors. In fact the Rebellion had no ideas on what to do, until Arceus spoke to them, telling them that the time had come and one chosen legendary Pokemon from each region would chose someone from their region to save the world.

    You play as a teen from either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova who has been chosen by a legendary Pokemon to save the World. The reason when you were born the legendary Pokemon that chose you saw greatness in you even before the world fell to Team Rocket and blessed you with a similarity in looks, personality or skill to it, knowing someday you would do something great for the world.. Your Objective, is to in a group defeat the Team Rocket Commander in each region. (specifically your character will take care of the one in your home region while everyone else deals with Grunts) then to travel to the Orange Islands to defeat Giovanni and free the world.

    1. This Rp is rated T for violence. As far as injuries go there can be blood but not excessive gore, and no death at all. Romance is allowed but must be kept at a K rating, so nothing past kissing, and note you do not need more than one post each to detail a kiss.
    2. Keep language to a minimum.
    3. Make sure to follow all PC rules.
    4. Posts must be at least 4 lines of text.
    5. If you have a problem with another rper bring it up to me in private.
    6. You have to post at least once a week, but I would prefer more than once.
    7. If you go a week without posting I will give you a 24 hour warning to post, if you don't post after that your out of the RP.
    8. We will be in a group for almost the entire Rp, except the Beginning and or if players split up in an area.
    9. Just because you have a legendary Pokemon doesn't make you all powerful, legendary Pokemon will start at level 10 and will not be more powerful than regular Pokemon, the exception is type strengths and weaknesses.
    10. No Godmodding or Bunnying allowed.
    11. Leveling Rules:
    1. For every wild Pokemon faced the Pokemon used gains one level.
    2. If your Pokemon faints it gains one level on top of that.
    3. In a battle against another player or an NPC the same rules apply.
    4. In a battle against a Team Rocket Grunt each Pokemon gains two levels (rule 2 still applies.)
    5. In a battle against a Team Rocket Commander each Pokemon gains 4 levels (Level 2 still applies)
    6. In the Battle Against Giovanni each Pokemon gains 5 levels (level 2 still applies)

    12. Catching Pokemon Rules:
    1. A list of Pokemon able to be caught will be posted as we get to a new area.
    2. You can catch one Pokemon per area (I will have special events were someone can catch more than one Pokemon in an area)

    13. When battling the Team Rocket Commander, whoever is fighting can control them, but end with both Pokemon Weak, a random number generator will determine if you win or lose, there will be times a Commander will have to be faced more than once
    14. I wll control Giovanni when we get to him
    15. To show you've read all the rules put the three Pink underlined words in the password section

    Sign Up:
    There are NO reserves, for the three spots open the time for Sign ups for each spot will end on December 7th, on that date I will choose which SU is the best for the Spots in Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh.

    Name: (First, Last optional Middle)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: (Between 10 and 16)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Region: (see the list for what's taken)
    Appearance: (Can be a picture or a paragraph, it is optional to look like the legendary you choose)
    Personality: (1 Paragraph)
    History: (1 Paragraph)
    Legendary Pokemon: (See the List)

    Regions and Legendary Pokemon:
    Kanto: Tiffany Mimer (Lilzuki)
    Johto: Seph Daror (jasonwolf)
    Hoenn: Robin Harleen Hamilton (Mick Fizz)
    Sinnoh: (it can change forms)
    Unova: (~Genevieve~) (it can change forms)

    Accepted Characters:
    Kanto: Tiffany Mimer (Lilzuki)

    Johto: Seph Daror (jasonwolf)

    Hoenn: Robin Harleen Hamilton (Mick Fizz)


    Unova: Melody "Mel" Renee Jones (~Genevieve~)

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