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I don't think "sin taxes" are really about control. That's just a mask. It's more like "well, everybody does this. Might as well generate revenue off it". I'd rather have taxed marijuana than illegal marijuana, so fine.

But, outside taxing... I have no problem with graphic pictures and warnings on tobacco products as a deterrent. Over time they have shown to work. They protect people and those around them.

Same with seat belts. Or bicycle helmets. This goes beyond individuals. As this effects parents decisions on their children. And like second-hand smoke, the parents stupid decision shouldn't be a reason to harm the child. So, the rule applies to all to be fair.

Safety standards. Health standards. Guidelines and recommendations

Outside of safety, I don't think it is necessary. Like Bloomberg banning large soft drinks. I don't drink (I don't drink any size soft drink), but I think others should be able to. And food/beverage establishments shouldn't have to remove the item from their menu because the mayor doesn't agree with it. That was very nanny-ish. On the other hand, I'm okay when local governments get involved to ban food items that made from endangered species.

In short, I'm all over the place. When it makes sense, fine. When it doesn't, no. No catch-all.
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