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    I wasn't talking so much about "sin taxes" when I mentioned government regulation as I was the idea of a free market. Should employers have the rights to set their own wages? Because I mean... if you don't like what a job pays, you don't have to work it. Things like that.

    Second hand smoke, while an issue if people are being negligent about it, is not one if people smoke responsibly. So, if the government found an effectual way to control second hand smoke, would you then still be against it? I don't see how seatbelts and helmets affect anyone but the intended user. If you are riding a bike with no helmet and hit a car, your lack of helmet is only going to mean more damage to your head, and would not, in any plausible way, affect anyone else. The same with a seat belt; it would stop only yourself , and not wearing one would not make anyone else more liable to injury. And SURE, these things might be safer for an individual... but is that risk not up to the individual to decide on? I mean, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else? Or does the government have an inherent right to ensure its national security through the (forced) good health and longevity(by minimizing the amount of things we do that subtract from our life) of its citizens?
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