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    So, everything is nice except this thing. I mean, I know it's just a game and it isn't realistic but HP has to resemble something. I mean there has to be some basis around it. HP is Hit Points. I get it. It's how many hits the Pokemon can take. But what determines this?
    When I look for Giga Drain it says that it saps the opponent's energy. Milk Drink and Softboiled say that the Pokemon replenish their lost energy. Recover and Rest too. Bulbapedia also states that Blissey has the highest HP stat thus it has the most stamina.
    So, HP is energy and stamina?

    Then again what does being energetic have to do with withstanding attacks? Dogs are super energetic and have lots and lots of energy and stamina. Does this mean they can endure more damage than anything else? I am not pretty sure about it because a Chihuahua has tons of energy yet I'm sure it can only take a kick.

    Then again, Bulbapedia states that HP is comparable to body mass thus the larger the Pokemon, the more it can withstand. That's very logical. An elephant can take more shots than a dog. A whale can take even more. I mean a large guy can take more hits than a skinny one. They have a bigger body surface for injury to spread on.
    Anyway, HP being based on body mass and size is logical but there are so many exceptions. Blissey isn't even comparable to Wailord in size and yet she has the highest HP. Wigglytuff, Wobbuffet, Alomomola, Drifblim, Jigglypuff, Vaporeon, Lapras etc all have tremendous HP but they aren't even large.
    Jigglypuff is far smaller than Hippowdon yet it has higher HP.

    So, what's HP? What do you think
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