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    The sunrise looked good from Chrome's window. For years, he would think that as he rose from the bed. It was from the bed that he would immediately walk over to the computer and begin to surf the web. He checked his email frequently, hoping to see a message from Faust. Every time he checked, he would see the same thing: nothing. The depression from the lack of communication would push him back to his bed and he would sleep until mom cooked him breakfast.

    He woke up to find his mom standing at his door with a ginger smile on her face. It was almost a teasing of the yelping excitement that soon followed.

    MOM: Chrooooooooome!

    CHROME:[thinking] . . . Isn't it too early to be this happy?

    MOM: I know I'm supposed to be cooking breakfast and all, but I want you to get dressed and meet me outside.

    CHROME: What for?

    MOM: For a visit to Professor Nemo!

    Chrome rarely ever talked to Professor Nemo. Though he loathed her duties to send kids on a journey of Pokémon training, she was a polite person. His mom and Professor Nemo were really close friends. There were times where it seemed like they did everything together. However, whenever they did any of that, they wouldn't normally pull Chrome into it. So, naturally, he was curious as to why she wanted him to come along at this particular moment.

    Chrome put on his silver cap and his matching vest. It seemed like forever since he dressed properly enough to go outside. Melancholy would be so upset with him for not keeping up his appearance. As he walked out the house, he saw the scowl that he dreaded.

    MELANCHOLY: Chrome! I told you about staying inside!

    CHROME: It's not like there's a lot to do out here.

    MELANCHOLY: What?! Are you saying that I'm no fun?

    CHROME:[nervously] No, no, you're plenty of fun!

    MELANCHOLY:[glaring] You don't look like you're having so much.

    CHROME:[forces a smile] I am! I am! See?

    MOM:[walks up] Aw, it's so sweet to see you interacting with someone again.

    PROF.: I agree. I was afraid you fell ill, Chrome.

    CHROME: Oh, hello Professor Nemo.

    PROF.: Good morning, Chrome. I could use a bit of help from you.

    CHROME: Really? With what?

    PROF.: Well, it's better that I show you.

    Chrome, Melancholy, Mom and Prof. Nemo all made the walk to the lab. Chrome had never been inside of it before. It was quite huge. Assistants were working around the clock, but they seemed to stray away from a particular section. Of this section, there were three pokeballs lying on a table. Chrome only saw a pokeball once before. It was when Faust received his first Pokémon. Before long, Chrome began to doubt tagging along.

    Prof. Nemo picked up a pokeball and released the Pokémon from it. It was a Pichu. The Pichu immediately began to spark with anger as static coursed through and around its body.

    CHROME: What is that?

    Everyone seemed a bit dumbfounded by the question.

    MELANCHOLY: You've been shacked in so long that you don't know about the most adorable Pokémon in existence?

    PROF.: It's a Pichu, Chrome. Normally, I would have here Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. However, I've found it harder to find a Snivy lately and thus opted to replace one this time with a Pikachu.

    CHROME: But you said that's a Pichu.

    PROF.: Yeah . . . I'm not the best trainer. I couldn't find a Pikachu, so I thought I would catch a Pichu and evolve it. And that's where the problem begins.

    CHROME: Problem?

    PROF.: He won't listen to me. He's also shocking just about anyone that goes near him. A trainer tried to pick him the other day and he electrocuted him. The kid has been in bed since. Your mom told me that you have a knack for soothing Pokémon.

    Chrome did have a knack for soothing Pokémon . . . when he was younger. He and Faust would go out into the field next to Nomnom Town and play with the wild Pokémon. Though the adults in the town described them as insane and dangerous, they never seemed that way to him. Once, a group of wild Pokémon even followed him home. That was a long time ago though. Now, he barely interacted with them.

    CHROME:[nervously] What if it shocks me like it did the other kid?

    MOM:[smiling] Well, you're in the bed all day anyways.

    CHROME:[thinking] Mom, you're not worried enough about this. [speaking] I guess that makes sense.

    Chrome began to walk towards the Pichu. Though still releasing volts, it seemed to calm down from watching Chrome's gentle approach. As Chrome came within inches, he rubbed behind its ear warily. For a moment, everything seemed to go well. It appeared Pichu even smiled. Chrome smiled back.

    Then, he felt volts of electricity flow through his body with a rush like no other. The stinging pain immediately caused him to pass out.

    He awoke, lying on his bed, to see his mom, Prof. Nemo and Melancholy all looking at him with smiles on their faces. It was pretty weird for Chrome and he was generally confused. Finally, he looked towards his stomach. Pichu was resting atop of him. The Pokémon slept peacefully.

    PROF.: It seems he's accustomed to your electrical current. Since you passed out, he refused to leave your side.

    CHROME:[weakly] Mission accomplished, right?

    PROF.: Yeah, it seems so.

    Prof. Nemo suddenly laid the pokeball that held Pichu next to him. Chrome was generally lost, but soon shocked at what he heard next.

    PROF.: Take good care of him, won't you?

    It seems that he became a trainer. Though he was a little disgruntled with the sudden news, he was too weak to object at the moment. Lying there, he looked at Pichu again as it slept. Thinking back, Melancholy was right. It was pretty adorable.
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