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Black 2 Update #2

Came a long way since my last update but since then I've gotten another 4 badges. Pikachu, Koffing, Combusken and Larvitar. all evolved and I'm trying to gain a few more levels outside of Reversal Mountain.


Minato the L.40 Raichu
~Volt Tackle,Thunderbolt,Quick Attack,Thunder Wave

Tyson the L.38 Pupitar
~Rock Slide,Dragon Dance,Bite,Screech

James the L.38 Weezing
Sludge Bomb,Thunderbolt,Tackle,Selfdestruct

Neji the L.37 Blaziken
~Blaze Kick,Quick Attack,Bulk Up,Double Kick

Mei the L.38 Milotic
~Surf,Ice Beam,Captivate,Tackle

Orochimaru the L.36 Gyarados
~Bounce,Ice Fang,Bite,Aqua Tail