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    (Torn, I feel like ripping your face off. But, I won't, because then I'll never catch a Sentret. Just kidding!)
    Emma VanBoven
    (Route 101-Oldale Town-Route 101 again)
    Emma is very discouraged by the failed attempt at catching a pokemon that she begins to cry. She cries all the way to Oldale Town, and enters the Pokemon Center, still crying. She hands her pokemon to the Nurse and is asked by the Nurse, "Why are you so down?"
    Emma replies, "I failed at catching a Sentret 3 times, and they both rubbed it in my face."
    Then the Nurse says, "You know, I've heard the Sentret here love Pecha Berries, maybe enough to fall into a trap for one."
    An idea suddenly materializes in Emma's head. "Thanks Nurse! I've got a plan to catch one of the little guys..." says Emma mischviously. She takes Roller from the Nurse and dashes to the nearest pokemart. She buys a Pecha berry, an Escape Rope, and a wooden peg. She then walks to Route 101. She sets up the peg and ties the rope around it, and has Roller hide behind a bush. She then hides behind another bush herself with the other side of the rope. She puts the berry in the center of the rope and waits. A Sentret come along not too long later, and eyes the berry. It's mouth waters, and it dashe for it. Emma then pulls the rope and trips the Sentret. The Sentret falls to the ground. Emma calls out, "Go Roller! Mud Slap him untill it is impossible for him to hit you! Then I'll come in with my pokeball!" Roller charges the Sentret, and pins him to the ground. He uses Mud Slap so many times the Sentret could not retalliate. The Sentret, weak and damaged, lays there, hurt. Emma throws the pokeball at the Sentret, crossing her fingers and her toes that it'll stay in the pokeball this time.
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