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What are dreams?
Do they mean anything?
If so, what do they mean?
Is there any way to make yourself have a dream?
What about lucid dreams?

Well when it comes to what they are I think that most of them are just reflections of the things you thought the most, things you are truly afraid of and things that somehow you thought in the past but never noticed. Also I must say that sometimes they can kinda predict the future... I've had a deja vu more than once.

About the meaning, to me they don't really mean much except of the obvious things that crossed your mind or saw and you never even noticed. Also they might mean desire toward something or someone depending the situation... they can mean a lot of things.

Hmmm... I don't really think so but I must admit that if you have something stuck in your head for a very long time you sometimes "make" yourself dream about it. Want the most stupid example? I once dreamt I was playing KH358/2 Days BEFORE it was released HAHAHAHAH

Never tried it and don't really care about it. It's just a dream.
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