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    OOC: Oh my bad, I'll refrain in the future, and edit it.

    "Well," Marcus stated as he picked up the pokeball, a worried look etched upon his face. "This thing really hates me." Marcus held the ball in his hands, minimizing it before twirling it between his fingers. He felt almost reluctant to let the Pidgey out, knowing full well that it would most likely just attack him. Plus, it was already proven a stronger battler than Spheal, which upon checking the Pokedex was revealed to a Pidgey that didn't actually know Quick Attack. "Wow... well I guess it could have been my imagination mixed with its naturally superior speed." Marcus reasoned, unwilling to let himself believe that he incorrectly identified a regular Tackle attack, no matter what circumstances had been the cause of his misconception.

    He was glad to see that it did know Swagger though, Marcus being well aware how useful that move could be at times. "Well that took up some time and we've got a lot of distance to cover." Marcus explained to Spheal as he returned it to its ball within the pencil thin beam of red light that came from the capsule for that specific purpose. Marcus walked towards Odale, careful to keep a moderate pace and to keep a close eye on his surroundings. Both of his Pokemon were hurt, so a fight at that point would be terrible.

    Luckily, upon reaching Odale -- a small town of only a couple houses, a Pokemart, and a Pokecenter -- he could see that it wasn't crowded, in fact, it looked almost vacant. The only proof of anyone living there at all being the pink haired nurse that accepted Marcus' Pokemon within the Pokecenter. Marcus waiting patiently in the lobby while his Pokemon recovered, a magazine held firmly in his hands as he glanced at each page, his eyes never resting on any particular page for longer then a moment.

    "Marcus?" Marcus perked up at the sound of his name, seeing the nurse holding a small tray with his two pokeballs resting on top of it. Getting up to grab the two devices, he was sure to put back the magazine, and a quick, "Thanks," later and he was off, back onto the road as he left the small city behind to get towards the next city -- Petalburg.
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