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    "You've gotta be kidding me..." Tyler muttered under his breathe. "Go Surskit!" Surskit materialized from the beam of light released from the pokeball. It started jumping around crazily, itching for it's first command. "You're a fighter huh? Alright then, use Bubble!"

    Surskit jumped back and forth over to Slakoth, and released a stream of Bubbles from its mouth. The Slakoth brushed it off and used scratch. That one hit put Surskit lifelessly on the ground. Surskit had fainted.

    "Haha!!! I beat you! I'm a better trainer than you! Na-na-na-na-na." Taunted the youngster.

    "Oh brother... I really hate this kid right now" He thought.

    "Try again next time Blondy."

    Tyler turned around and grabbed the youngster by his collar. He picked him up and said "Never, EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!" The kid nodded as he cleared his throat. He was going to say something but Tyler sent him flying toward some trees. With that, Tyler entered Petalburg City.

    Petalburg City

    Once inside the city, Tyler head for a Pokemon Center to heal Surskit. On his way to the Pokemon Center, he saw a Mareep in an alley. The thing was pale and weak. Tyler couldn't help to see the creature like that so he inched toward the Mareep and took out a piece of bread. "Hear have this." Tyler said, but Mareep back away and let out a cry. "I can help you." As he got within inches of Mareep, it let out an stream of electricity into Tyler. Tyler's felt himself start falling but then everything went black.

    "Finally you're awake!" Said a voice. It was Nurse Joy, he was in the Pokemon Center. "This little fella must have given you quite the shock!" She said as she gestured down to the Mareep playing around with Sanjiro and Surskit. "I went out to grab something to eat when I find you passed out in the alley with this Mareep laying there cuddled up next to you. Is it one of your pokemon?"

    Tyler looked down to the lamb. "I don't know, you may have shocked me, but I guess you were scared. So tell me... Are you my pokemon?"
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