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    Oh, I just took a look at your requests.
    So the two males eevees, can you please breed them with the egg moves you have listed (Curse etc.), besides of the two 31 IVs?
    As for the Cranidos, I just took a look and the DW females I currently have are Trapinch with sheer force and Spoink with the Hidden Ability. My Tree of Desiders (or however it's called), in DW, for a strange reason got reset and lost all of the pokemon, so I had to start from the beginnung. Apart from the Trapinch and Spoink, other Pokemon that I'm 100% sure that are females, because I remember when I saw their sign (there are like 10 others that I don't remember the gender), are Lickitung and Bidoof, both with the DW ability.
    Oh and also do you want anything extra for a non-shiny Skarmory with the Egg Move and a Zorua with Darke Pulse?
    Let me know and thanks very much.

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