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    I just got done completing a game save for pokemon black, with the goal of making it what pokemon stadium 3 should have been like if it existed. I've got all the fully evolved forms, legendaries (with legitimate OT/event ids) all in pokedex order, aside from ones like rhyperior because his first form was from gen 1. All the pokemon are level 50 aside from ones that evolve at higher levels or can't be found at that level like Landorus.

    I've given them the best move sets/item/nature and abilities to contribute. Fully EV/IV trained. I based a lot of these sets off the site smogon, which is the leading community of competitive battling.

    I also was interested in keeping this an active and ongoing project, where i would add in perhaps different tiers as well, such as little cup and NFE.

    Unfortunately i can post links yet, and i didn't want to sound like i'm advertising, but in YouTube, search: xpkmnninja all the details and links to my SAV and DSV are there.

    I don't seem to have got a 100% good reception so far, but any constructive feedback and pokemon requests to help make this the best pokemon stadium-esque game save in the world would be appreciate.

    Thanks for any support and i hope you enjoy my save. details of how to get online and instructions in my video description.