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OW Inserting tutorial mate! Here's the stuff you need:

3) Ur Sprite(s) (if you are inserting only one sprite watch my other OW inserting tutorial)
4) ROM
5) IrfanView

1) Get ready your sprites in a row like this:

Make sure the background color isn't the same as any color in the sprite. Save it as a PNG image or a BMP image.

2) Open the image with IrfanView and index it. To do that, click on Image and then Decrease Color Depth. Change the depth to 16 color.

3) Open the image in GIMP. Click on Image, Mode and check, uncheck and check again the box 'Indexed'. A new window will open. Click on 'Web Optimized bla bla bla' click convert and save the image. There is a special way you need to use to save it but I forgot what.

4) Open up the image with irfanview. Slice out the sprites 1 by 1 while making sure the size of each slice is 16x32 pixels. (Ikr, pain in the butt.) To see whether you have a 16x32 slice, look at the top left where the name of the program is.

paste them in another IrfanView window and save them as a PNG/BMP image.

5) Once you sliced all 12 or so 'positions' open up NSE. Load up your rom and click on File>Import>Import Image. Oh yea, I forgot. Remember to browse to the correct sprite and position first. Once you have done that, open up your 16x32 image. I cannot show you a screenshot because my NSE is being a little sonnamagun. Import all them Sprites and save it. Voila! You did it!

774521 - Sprites
ADLFM14 - Abit of reference cuz I cannot remember everything as I am getting old (14 long years alive!).
Bruno Mars - Music Inspiration
link12552 - NSE Classic

Got any problem, just PM/VM or comment here.
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