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Thanks! I'll be sure to update too, like right now!

Day 1: Badges: None

-- I started my journey today, as a trainer named Gray.
-- I set my clock, that broke immediatly, and I met the neighbors, and they seemed nice, especially their daughter!
-- A girl heard some Pokemon noises, so I went to Route 101 to find out. Turns out, the local professor was being attacked by a raccon...thing.
-- I picked up one of the Pokeballs and sent out some mudfish. It could attack, and I took down that raccon.
-- I saved the professor and he gave me the stupid mudfish thing, and I went out to route 103 to see his daughter, who suddenly battled me! BUT I won, thankfully.
-- Me and the professor's daughter, named May, went back to the lab and I got Pokeballs and a Pokedex!
-- I found a little gray dog named Poochyena and it seemed cool. I caught it and I named her Rightlenna.
-- I found that raccon afterward, and I caught it because it seemed useful. It was named Zigzagoon. I named her Brainieann.
-- After I caught those Pokemon, I released that mudfish thing...What was it called, Mudkip? And, I went and trained those two Pokemon. Brainieann picked up some items, too!

Current Team:
Rightlenna the Female Poochyena [LEVEL 4]
Brainieann the Female Zigzagoon [LEVEL 5]

Badges: NONE

Will update sometime later on, I don't know when.
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