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    Kotone's Diary

    I started my journey today and the first thing I had to do was go to visit Mr Pokemon. I received an egg, and also talked to professor Oak. He really liked me at first sight and gave me a Pokedex!
    I had to deliver that mystery egg to professor Elm for him to examine it. But...! When I was going to return, the pokegear started to ring: It was professor Elm, telling me that something really bad happened.
    I was running back to my city, and in the middle of the process, I had a battle with a strange red haired guy named Silver. I talked to the police-man about that and delivered the mystery egg to professor Elm.
    After that just come back the same way in order to get to the 3rd city, the first with a gym.

    As I've catched one naughty pidgey at the first route and after that a sentret, my starter, a timid chikorita that I nicknamed Ivy, now have friends and can share experience with Sky, the pidgey. Furry, the sentret, is our friend but she doesn't like to battle. She strongly prefers to just be our buddy and help me in my travel.

    Things started to get more interesting when I battled every single monk in the Bellsprout Tower, and then arrived to the older one I just saw Silver battling him, and the elder said that Silver is obviously treating bad his pokemons. Too good that I love mine! The older monk was defeated by Sky and then he gave me the TM70 Flash.

    After two consecutive losses to Falker, Ivy poisoned his pidgeotto and ended up taking out both of his pokemons. I'm so proud of her!
    Falker gave to me the Zephyr badge, as well as the TM51 Roost. I've teached it right away to Sky, because I want to save some money for now.

    Right after I left the gym, the pokegear started to ring. It was prof. Elm, telling me that I just had a surprise waiting in the pokemart. Than I walked to the mart, and talked to a guy who gave me that egg. He said he's an assistent of prof. Elm, that trusted me to take care of it until it hatches.

    But that surprise wasn't enough! When I stepped outside the mart, a kimono girl appeared. She said odd things, but to ensure that I'll take really good care of that mystery egg.


    Ivy, the chikorita ♀ Lv.14
    Leaf Blade / PoisonPowder / Synthesis / Tackle

    Sky, the pidgey ♀ Lv.15
    Gust / Sand-Attack / Roost / Quick Attack

    Other buddies in party:

    Furry, the sentret ♀ Lv.07

    Mystery Egg

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