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Marcus Lyon - Swagger, Tackle, Tackle, Tagcle, Tjhvadijce, highasdfghllllllll4hQ.

That battle proved to show Marcus' remarkable battle skill... Too bad ther was a level difference of over nyanthousand Regardless, Norman seems to be impressed and even delighted to see such a potentially strong trainer in front of his eyes. Without saying a word, he pulls out a small egg enclosed in a transparent container, a shrieked Pokeball on the top of it and several dots of an enormous variety of colour engulfing its white surface.

"May I ask you for a favour?" He says, impatiently holding the case.

What happens next needs no explanation. Norman has offered Mr. Lyon with the chance of increasing his team with an egg that'll hatch into a Pokemon whose name he kept as a secret.

Will you agree, Marcus? Or will you not. What does the egg hold inside of it? The answer depends on your decision, but it's up to thee wherever you choos to take the egg or not...
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