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    The DarkStalkers' Challenge

    Welcome to the underworld! In this challenge, we’re going to have a team in which each pokemon represents one character of the Darkstalkers game series. Each character is unique, so I have selected eight of them, but if one of your favorites isn’t there just tell this in you post that I’ll provide to you a gender/trait/battle/exemples explaining everything.
    You don't need to have any pokemon listed in the exemples, but you need to choose a pokemon that fills all the other critters, and be reasonable.

    • You must NOT have any legendary with exception of Mew as Felicia.
    • Your starter has to fill one of the below characters' critter.
    • Each pokemon in your team need to have a nickname related to the character that it's representing.
    • The challenge is complete whenever you defeat the Elite 4 and the super rival or Champion. In HG/SS, it's complete when you defeat Red.
    • You may use HM Slaves if you want to.
    • Try to always post screenies of any important battle, like with any evil boss, rival, or gym leader.

    Sign up Form
    Name ◆
    Game Version ◆
    Characters ◆ _ as _

    My Sign Up
    Name ◆ Mononoke Hime
    Game Version ◆ Pokemon VoltWhite
    Characters ◆ Samurott as Donovan / Ninetales as Morrigan / Espeon as Felicia / Crobat as Jedah / Leavanny as Lillith / Zoroark as Jon

    Challengers Box

    Mononoke Hime - VW - [D/M/F/J/L/J]


    Donovan Baine
    He is a stoic and intimidating dark hunter who fights using extremely exotic weapons and moves often deeply rooted in Buddhist and Hindu mythology.
    • Gender: Male
    • Trait: Must be a fighting type and/or resemble honor and heroism. It must have some characteristic in it’s body that resembles a weapon.
    • Battle: Must know at least one move that increases one or more of it’s own status.
    • Exemples: Gallade, Samurott, Conkeldurr, Mienshao.

    Morrigan Aensland
    She is a succubus. She is a versatile fighter, having a wide range of physical and magical attacks.
    • Gender: Female
    • Trait: Has to be considerably a beautiful pokemon. Must NOT be any psychic* or fighting pokemon.
    • Battle: Must know Attract and at least one physical and one special move.
    • Exemples: Ninetales, Dragonair, Milotic, Liepard.

    She enjoys singing and dancing. Felicia is very agile in combat with her techniques, being athletic and gymnastic in nature.
    • Gender: Female
    • Trait: It has to be a pokemon that resembles a feline in appearance. Must NOT be a dark nor a ghost type.
    • Battle: Must know some sing or dance move and have it’s happiness at a high level.
    • Exemples: Persian, Espeon, Delcatty, Mew.

    Her ghostly traits allow her to run across air and even disappear temporarily. Her sleeves contain far more weapons that should be able to be contained in them, which she uses for attacks.
    • Gender: Female
    • Trait: Must have proportionally huge or sharp claws {or an “empty body”}, and be a ghost type.
    • Battle: Must know Shadow Claw or some ghost type relative physical attack.
    • Exemples: Haunter/Gengar, Banette, Dusclops, Cofragigus.

    Lilith Aensland
    She is a miniature and cutter succubus that is delivered from Morrigan. She shares similar attacks with Morrigan but with some different executions.
    • Gender: Female
    • Trait: Has to be a more cute than beautiful pokemon. Must NOT be any psychic* or fighting pokemon.
    • Battle: Must know Double Team and at least one physical and one special move.
    • Exemples: Eeveelutions*, Lopunny, Leavanny, Liligant.

    Jedah Dohma
    He is a major villain, being a dark messiah with some traits borrowed from the Grim Reaper. All of Jedah's moves are unusually gory.
    • Gender: Male
    • Trait: Must have a body part that is sharp, such as Absol's horn. Must NOT be any fighting type.
    • Battle: Must not have any punch or kick move. Must have a “cutting” move, such as Dragon Claw, Poison Tail, or Steel Wing relatives.
    • Exemples: Golbat/Crobat, Gliscor, Absol, Seviper.

    Jon Talbain
    He is an English werewolf. He was alone since he could remember. Following his inner voice, he devoted himself to fighting to take himself past his limits.
    • Gender: Male
    • Trait: It has to be a pokemon that resembles a canine in appearance.
    • Battle: Must know Odor Sleuth and take any battle by himself {must not switch in nor out}
    • Exemples: Arcanine, Lucario, Mightyena, Zoroark.

    Baby Boonie Hood
    Although she has a cute and innocent appearance, B.B. Hood is a murderous psychopath. As a Darkhunter, she kills Darkstalkers for money.
    • Gender: Female
    • Trait: Must be a purely cute pokemon, and seem like it’s inoffensive. It will be carrying an Amulet Coin.
    • Battle: Must know two moves tagged at contests as cute and two moves tagged as tough.
    • Exemples: Wigglytuff, Furret, Chimecho, Cinccino.
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