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    I first found out about Pokemon when I was four or five years old, when I saw an episode at my friend's house. All I remember was that it involved a fiery bird (which I presume was Moltres) and Meowth tickling Ash to get something from him. I thought Pokemon was kind of stupid at the time, and I didn't really start getting into it until about three years later when I got some Pokemon cards in a goodie bag at a friend's birthday party and everyone there compared cards. I just went from there and haven't stopped since.

    Lately, though, I've noticed myself not caring that much about Pokemon.

    The cards were the first to go. I still have them around, but in fifth grade I stopped caring. Build a fairly balanced deck with enough energy cards and keep up with the new sets (because the Pokemon themselves seem to be getting stronger) and you'll be fine. Then came the show, movies, and manga; the plots just stopped interesting me and I didn't like the then-new voice actors. Now, the games are losing their touch. It's a little sad. I still do enjoy the games, for the most part; they just don't have the spark they once did. The concept will never again be new to me. About a year ago, I dusted off my old cards, made a couple of new decks, and battled with my friends. It was fun, but it just felt like an unnecessary retreading of old ground.

    Now, I'm a high school senior and am preparing to leave for college. I've gotten accepted to two colleges and have applied to a few more since (including Brown University last night). College is, of course, not incompatible with gaming, assuming I get work done efficiently, and I do plan to bring at least some of my Pokemon games with me, but I see myself losing interest around my sophomore or junior year. Even that much may be a stretch.

    Pokemon's been good to me, but unless something comes out to make the franchise a lot more interesting, I don't see it lasting me much past 20. I chose 20+.
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