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    Adventure Time: Parallel meetings
    Fionna and Cake meets Finn and Jake! Explore the world when Aaa meets Ooo, the two kingdoms kicks in an ally, or rivalry, some fall in love and others war!

    The plot explained...
    It all begins when Finn searched trough an old abandoned library, some even say it's from before the great mushroom war, one that was taken place a 1000 years ago, a horrid and scary war that extinct pretty much every human on the planet, but there is one, possibly a few more, no one really knows, but his name is Finn, and his friend, a magical dog, Jake, that still explores into this, trying to figure out why the war began... Well, at least he is the only HUMAN who would search for such an explanation, others would back away, are there more humans in Ooo, or, possibly, Aaa, nobody knows... BUT, Finn decides that, as he discovered the library, found behind veins of the jungle, behind trees and a forest, to search trough it, to see if he can find any information on it, and then he does... and... well... he finds something of great value, a book, a very old book, indeed, it might of have been there since before the war, it was very dusty, but he found it, and looked into it, and... it explained of a kingdom... and a human girl, Fionna, who's best friend is a cat, rather than a dog... but... Finn recognizes this... Fionna and Cake, they are from Ice Kings fanfic! The evil ice wizard, but, where they really real? Well, he would never know by just standing there, so he read on, and it explained of a mirror, and this mirror, if one has this book, and the mirror is placed in the same exact area in both of the worlds, one can enter into the other world. Finn thought about it, and he spoke to Jake about it, well, appears that he would try to find said mirror, he was curious about this, and... another human... could it really be... The mirror was behind allot of terrain, in a forbidden cavern far away form the library, but Finn really wanted to know about this, and Jake was pretty curious about this too... Marceline, partial demon and a trusty vampire, also very naughty and playful, being a prankster of all kind, was also curious on this idea, she thought it could be dangerous, but she was willing to try anything that would involve danger, seeing as it probably was worth it in the end... Once they arrived in the cave, Finn checked the mirror, and, indeed, it opened a portal, as the three entered unto it, they were greeted with a similar kingdom, but was it really the one explained in the book? Yes... yes it was... and they would soon figure out allot more about this kingdom... but why did Ice King write about it, guess it wasn't a fanfic after all... seems like it all was really...

    The rules...
    You may enter as a fan-character or an official character, you can be multiple characters, but please note that we can't begin the RP without someone who is Marshall Lee, Fionna, Jake, Cake and the other characters mentioned in the plot, Ice King and Ice Queen may wait, as it will take a while before they jump into the picture, I myself will be Finn and Marceline, to begin with, at-least, if fan-character then see this form:

    Name: Nicknames and actual names
    Age: If vampire put in vampire years and what he/she looks like to be...
    History, Bio: Backstory?
    Appearance: Feel free to put in pic if you wish ;)

    Yes, there will be major Marshall Lee X Marceline and possible Fionna X Finn/Finn X Flame Princess, other pairings include Ice King X Ice Queen and Princess Bubblegum X Prince Gumball ;)

    The rating...
    This RP will be rated T for eventual violence, no sexual stuff, but may contain themes of the T rating...

    Final words:
    Don't want this one, but you wish to RP with me? You may message me, I love RPing and you may RP a traditional two persons in my message box if you wish ;) It should still be Adventure Time, but can be couples, adventures or plot based, any questions will be asked in my message box :D
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