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    MWUHAHAHAHA, THE MONSTER IS DONE! There may be some grammar mistakes scattered in there somewhere, but I hope you forgive me. x_x; I'm really sorry about how long it is.

    Name: Bai Kong (AKA: Hei, AKA: Hui, AKA: Lan)

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 19

    Sex: Female

    Job: Journeys: Survival Techniques, Wild Pokemon, Gym Leaders, Roaming Legendary Pokemon, and the occasional Bad Team.

    Appearance: Bai has short, black hair that was clipped to a boyish cut. She has thin, brown eyes that always seem to be smiling. A bright grin is never usually far from her face, which help make her sharp and thin cheeks look to be a more healthier fat. She has lips that are a bit too small for her face and small, white pimples dot her forehead. Her skin tone is reminiscent as most people from China and quite a few scars are noticeable on her skin; the most shocking would be burn scar that travels from the back of her neck to the middle of her spine. She also has four, long, and thin scars on her cheek, most likely coming from nails. She also has a few knife scars all over her body. She is fairly tall, standing at 5’6” and weighs 128lbs. Her body is quite muscular, generally from climbing, walking, and running. Bai does not wear any makeup or jewelry.

    Bai generally likes to wear simple clothing that is easy to maneuver around in and fits with the surrounding season or weather. Generally, she likes to wear a form-fitting, light blue t-shirt and black cargo pants with black combat boots. She hates wearing skirts or dresses, but is truly in love with heels. She can walk, run, and even climb with heels on. Learning how to do so actually helped her get better at doing everything properly with more appropriate shoes. If given the chance, she will wear high heeled, knee-high boots instead.

    Personality: Bai is a therapist’s worst nightmare: she is a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, inside an enigma, and topping the multi-layer cake with a conundrum. She can be happy, confident, and filled with poise one moment before being violent, uncontrolled, and hating people in general. She can also be lazy, calm, yet efficient and utterly intelligent.

    In reality, Bai has DID: Dissociative Identity Disorder due to the incident that gave her the burn scar, the harsh training her mum put her through, and a certain part of her journey.

    Bai is happy, confident, and is proud of everything she has worked and gone through. She loves her pokemon dearly and is generally a nice person, although she can be rather crazy and strange, even by most standards, at times. She loves jokes and likes referencing to media and tropes. She is very patient with everyone and doesn’t let the fact that she sometimes loses part of her memory gets her down; in fact, she treats it as if it was normal (which, by now, it is to her). She is a very understanding and forgiving person and has a strong sense of justice. She loves all of her pokemon.

    Hei, the first personality and the one Bai gained from the scar and the harsh training, is the complete opposite of Bai. Hei is always angry, like the Hulk on a rampage, and uncontrolled. When she gets out, she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Hei is very sadistic and hates people. She loves to battle, pokemon or personally, so she treats their pokemon nicely enough. She disagrees with Bai on a lot of issues (aside from their appearance; all personalities agree that they couldn’t care less about their appearance) and is not the epitome of “forgive and forget.” Hei doesn’t care about the law at all if it means that she cannot do what she wants. Hei is also very arrogant and overconfident. Hei gets along best with Gang Yongshi as they are very similar. In battles, Hei usually chooses Gang Yongshi as her partner.

    Hui, the second personality and the one Bai gained from the beginning of her journey, is extremely lazy and not very motivated at all. She is usually calm in all situations, good or bad, and is an observer. She is extremely intelligent and manipulative. She doesn’t really care much for anything, she believes that everything is too troublesome to deal with, but will rise to the occasion if necessary. Hui gets along great with Rongyan and they can spend days just sitting and watching nature or the clouds. She rarely comes out, as she feels that it is too much effort, but will come out if she feels she can be stimulated mentally in the current situation.

    All of them are very sarcastic, witty, and have dry humour.

    There is a third, different personality named Lan that came during a very desperate time during Bai’s journey. She is a sad, lost little girl who doesn’t know where she is or what she is doing. Lan is the weakness that Bai shoved down long ago when she first started training. Lan has only come out during one part of Bai’s life and she hopes that Lan would never have a chance to come out again; when Lan came out, Bai, Hei, and Hui could not handle what was happening to them. She responds to threats with a childlike innocence and takes all of the memories that could break Bai to herself; Lan is the reason why Bai is still sane today.

    History: Bai Kong was born in Black City to her very loving mum and father. Her mum was a retired Gym Leader of a region called Amita, while her dad worked as a businessman in Castelia City. After her dad’s company moved them to Floccesy Town when Bai was eight, her dad died of pneumonia. Bai and her mum were devastated by the loss of Bai’s dad, but her mum decided that training for Bai’s journey was very prudent at the time. So, Bai’s mum drilled her on survival techniques, abilities of Pokemon, moves Pokemon could learn, how to tell when moves a Pokemon is going to make just by its stance, and which items are used for what. Bai’s mum trained her up for a year before gifting Bai with Snivy, nicknamed Shu by Bai. They continued to train vigorously, both physically and mentally, before Bai’s tenth birthday.

    An incident, a few months after Bai gained Shu, caused Hei to manifest. Bai’s mum dropped Bai and Shu off in a forest while Bai and Shu were sleeping. When they woke up, they were in a strange place with only the bare essentials. They survived for a week before a flamethrower was shot in their camp, making their fire, which Shu was right next to, explode. Bai protected Shu from the fire, knowing that because Shu was a grass-type pokemon that he could be badly injured, and passed out. When she woke up, she was back home with her mum. Hei appeared a few days later when Bai’s mum tried to get Bai to train again.

    Bai went through Route 20 with ease, battling the occasional trainer, and made it to the Floccesy Ranch within thirty minutes. There, Bai met a Riolu, who immediately tried to attack her. Hei came out at this time and sent out Shu, battled against Riolu, and captured Riolu. Bai came back after Riolu was captured and named him “Gang Yongshi.” (By now, Bai understood that when she lost her memory, it was Hei coming out). They went back to Route 20 to train a bit more before heading to Aspertia City.

    By the time they had finished training and reached Aspertia City, it had already become nightfall, although the training had been very effective: Shu evolved into a Servine and Gang Yongshi had learnt Focus Palm. Bai decided to stay at the Pokemon Center for the night and try her luck at the gym in the morning. Before she could reach the Pokemon Center, she heard a cry for help and immediately ran to help the person. It was a trainer and her Pokemon was being stolen by a man in a strange uniform. Bai battled and beat the man, whom explained that he was a member of a new rising team called Team Viper before running away. The trainer thanked Bai for her help and they went on their separate way.

    Bai challenged Cheren in the morning using her newly evolved Shu and her Gang Yongshi. Bai, at first, was battling Cheren and winning, before Hei, tired of watching, came out (causing the fight to pause momentarily) and battled again Cheren. Cheren was confused about the complete personality change, but he tried not to let it affect the battle. However, Hei/Bai still won the Balance badge at the end. Bai came back out at the Pokemon Center where Shu and Gang Yongshi were healing. Bai was frustrated that in her first gym battle, she couldn’t remember everything because of Hei, and told Hei that Bai was keeping the next gym battle to herself and that Hei could have the one after that. After Shu and Gang Yongshi finished healing, Bai moved on.

    Bai made it to Virbank City and knew that she was in trouble a bit. Both of her pokemon did not do well to poison-type pokemon; Shu was vulnerable to poison-type moves and fighting-type moves did next to nothing on poison-type pokemon. She decided to go to the Virbank Complex to do some more training and to find another pokemon for her team. It was there where Bai found a Magby, energetic and very carefree. Gang Yongshi let himself out of his pokeball and attacked the Magby, who ran around and retaliated with several Ember attacks. Bai captured the Magby and called him “Rongyan.” They trained a bit more in the complex before tackling the gym.

    The gym was a bit hard due to the fact that the poison types Roxie had were resistant to both Shu and Gang Yongshi’s attacks. Gang Yongshi managed to take out Koffing with Shu’s help, but lost against Roxie’s Whirlipede. Rongyan managed to defeat Whirlipede with a few great Ember attacks and won Bai the badge. Bai was glad that she managed to have a gym battle by herself, but knew that Hei would probably come out again when she battled against the next gym leader. After resting her pokemon at the Pokemon Center, she took the ferry to Castelia City.

    On the ferry to Castelia City, some of Team Viper’s grunts attacked the ship. Everyone, except for a few people, on the ship was having dinner in the dining room when a bunch of Team Viper grunts attacked the dining room and kept the people there held hostage. The trainers in the dining room were unable to let their pokemon out in fear of getting innocents killed. By happy circumstance, Bai was on the deck when a few Viper grunts came onto the deck to collect her and her Pokemon. Bai managed to knock all of them out and stole one of their uniforms. She managed to find all of the people held hostage in the dining room and did not believe she could figure out a way to do anything without someone dying. This is when Hui came to be. She took control and managed to find the lieutenant and leader of the mission and manipulated the lieutenant to leave and abort the mission if she defeated him in battle. It was a very close call, but Hui managed to defeat the lieutenant and, true to his agreement, left the ship. After the last of the Viper grunts left the ship, Bai came back and wondered what happened and why people were thanking her. She assumed that it was Hei who did something and felt bad that she couldn’t do anything.

    When she landed at Castelia City, a blue legendary Pokemon, Cobalion, appeared before her. He stared into Bai’s eyes for a few seconds before darting away. Confused and wondering who the pokemon was (her mum’s lectures never got into legendary pokemon), Bai continued on her journey.

    After healing her pokemon at the Castelia City Pokemon Center, Bai managed to gain a bicycle and went for her gym badge, although she knew that Hei was going to come out. As soon as she reached the Castelia Gym, Hei came out and went into the gym. She battled Burg and beat The Swadloon and Leavanny with Rongyan and beat Dwebble with Shu. After the gym battle and heading to the Pokemon Center, Bai came back with the Insect Badge under her belt. She sighed, but moved on.

    Bai went through Route 4 and the Desert Resort before making it into the Relic Castle. There, there was a few Viper grunts roaming around. Bai managed to defeat the Viper grunts and wondered what they were doing there. She didn’t see the blow that hit her. After a bit, she woke up and found that she was tied up. She managed to keep herself calm so that Hei wouldn’t come out; she was still guilty at the fact that she had to rely on someone who was not quite her to save everyone on the ship. Another lieutenant was there and wanted to kill Bai for slowing down the operation. Bai kept her head cool, and managed to cut herself loose using the knife strapped on her ankle. After gloating a bit, the lieutenant left her with some grunts. Luckily for her, they didn’t take her pokemon away from her and managed to defeat the grunts that were guarding her and were about to dump her somewhere. She managed to track the lieutenant down and defeat her. What Bai didn’t know was that they had already achieved their objective. After this, she went to Nimbasa City. Before she made it to the entrance of Nimbasa City, a green pokemon, Virizion, appeared before her. She did the same thing as Cobalion before running away. Figuring out that they had to be related somehow but still not knowing who they were, Bai made it into Nimbasa City.

    After training on Route 16 and the Lostlorn Forest, in which Gang Yongshi evolved into Lucario, Bai went to the Nimbasa City gym after healing at the Pokemon Center. She rode through all of the roller coaster for the extra experience before heading out to the actual gym. She battled against Elesa and Rongyan managed to beat Emolga before losing to Flaaffy. Shu avenged Rongyan by defeating Flaaffy and managed to weaken Zebstrika before getting defeated by the Flame Charge. Gang Yongshi defeated Zebstrika using the Dig™. After getting the Bolt Badge, Bai healed her pokemon at the Pokemon Center and moved on.

    On the Driftveil Drawbridge, Bai met the third and final lieutenant who wanted to battle Bai in order to get a good read on who she was. Hei and Gang Yongshi came out for the battle and they managed to beat the lieutenant single-handedly. The last lieutenant laughed and left with stating about Hei’s personality. Bai woke up and moved on to Driftveil City, but before she could leave the bridge, a greyish and a smaller, blue pokemon appeared, Terrakion and Keldeo. They also followed their siblings’ behaviour and ran away in a hurry. Bai still hadn’t figured out who they were and was still confused but continued on anyways.

    Bai wondered if Hei managed to defeat the lieutenant when she reached the Driftveil City Pokemon Center. She also wondered if Hei was going to come out in the gym battle, but believed that because Hei beat the lieutenant that she would be satisfied with that until the next gym battle. Bai moved on to the Driftveil Gym. Gang Yongshi battled against Krokorok and won, but lost against the Sandslash. Shu beat Sandslash and lost against Excadrill after a while. Rongyan battled against Excadrill and evolved in the battle before beating Excadrill, winning Bai the Quake Badge.

    On Route 6, Bai happened upon an injured Frillish. The Frillish was scared of Bai and tried to scoot away, shooting an Ice Beam at her. Bai dodged it and tried to calm the Frillish down. The Frillish, exhausted, fainted. Bai nursed the Frillish back to health and the Frillish woke up before long. A trainer came around and told Bai that the Frillish, “the useless piece of trash” as he called it, was his and that she should mind his own business. Bai shoved Hei down as she knew that if Hei came out that Hei wouldn’t care about the Frillish and battled the trainer. She won against him easy and told him to leave before she did something she regretted. He left and Bai asked Frillish if she wanted to stay with her. Frillish agreed, was named Youling, and Bai continued to Chargestone Cave.

    At Chargestone Cave, the first lieutenant from the ship was there. When Bai first laid eyes on him from afar, Hui came out. She immediately captured a Tynamo to help with her plan and watched Team Viper in order to gather intelligence. They were trying to figure out how to use the natural electricity in the Chargestone Cave to power a device of some sort. Hui managed to destroy their research and data without the grunts noticing. The lieutenant noticed that something was wrong and tried to find Hui. Hui showed herself to him after paralysing him with Tynamo’s Thunder Wave. As he was separated from the grunts, he could not call for help. She secured his pokemon and gave a “Reason You Suck” speech. The lieutenant stayed silent, Tynamo had not paralysed his face, before he started to chuckle. He commended Hui on a trap well done but stated that she didn’t plan for every variable. Her eyebrows furrowed and he called out his pokemon out of his pokeballs with his voice itself; Hui had forgotten that pokemon could leave their pokeballs out of their own accord. The lieutenant’s pokemon attacked Hui and Tynamo under the lieutenant’s command. Hui managed to get Gang Yongshi to block the Sludge attack coming her way, but Tynamo was hit and was badly poisoned. Hui returned Tynamo, which left the lieutenant free to recover from the paralysis without being Thunder Wave’d again. Hui battled against the lieutenant’s pokemon before the lieutenant recovered enough to be able to move again. He knew that Hui would win in a straight battle again, he was more focused on training the mental aspects of his mind rather than his pokemon so his pokemon were still at the same level as on the ship, so he planned a strategic retreat with his pokemon using Smokescreen, leaving his grunts behind. When Hui saw that he was gone, she returned Gang Yongshi and Bai came out again. She noticed the extra pokeball and wondered what Hei had captured (she was still not aware of Hui’s existence). Bai let Tynamo out and realised that she was poisoned. Bai healed Tynamo and named her Fang Lei. She went through Chargestone Cave without bumping into any Team Viper grunts, as they had cleared out when they realised the lieutenant had left. Right before leaving, she found a Thunder Stone; something to evolve Fang Lei into a Eelektross after she evolved from a Tynamo. Bai made it into Mistralton City.

    After resting in the Mistralton City Pokemon Center overnight, Bai decided to go train on Route Seven and the Celestial Tower. In the Celestial Tower, the second lieutenant, the one who threatened Bai’s life, was there conducting a mission. When she saw Bai on Route Seven, she laid a trap for Bai. When Bai entered the Celestial Tower, two grunts ambushed her. Shu, now a Serperior, came out and knocked them out. Bai, pushing Hei down as hard as she could and gaining a headache for her trouble, knew that the attack was personal. She carefully continued through Celestial Tower, defeating attacking grunts along her way. Doing so allowed Shu to evolve into his final form: Serperior. At the top of the tower, the only female lieutenant was waiting for her and, using the same trick that Hui did, paralysed her using Thunder Wave. The lieutenant went on about their plan; how they were going to gather legendaries from other regions by capturing and causing distress to the legendary pokemon: Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo. She stated that whenever human evil came to be, they had always appeared and chose a champion. The champion, she stated, was Bai this time around. They were going to use her to lure the legendary pokemon into a trap; but not yet. The lieutenant then explained the legend of the bell and rung it. It was a cold, dark, and ominous sound and the lieutenant laughed. Bai gained a killer headache trying to keep Hei down. Before the lieutenant left, she scratched Bai’s face with her nails, causing her cheek to bleed and caused a faint scar, and smirked at Bai’s glare. She left and Bai stayed still while waiting for the paralysis to stop. When she was finally able to move again, she hesitated before ringing the bell; the bell rang in a mixture of three different notes; one pure, one almost as dark as the lieutenant, and one in the middle of the two. This was when Bai finally realised that Hui existed. She sighed at the result and left to go to the Mistralton Gym.

    After going through the Mistralton Gym, Hei came out to battle with Skyla. Youling went up against Swoobat and won, but lost against Skarmory. Rongyan avenged his teammate by defeating Skarmory, but was switched out for Fang Lei when Swanna came out. Despite Swanna being faster than Fang Lei, Fang Lei landed a perfect Spark attack that knocked Swanna out in one blow. This caused Fang Lei to evolve into Eelektrik. After gaining the Jet badge, Hei took the plane to Lentimas Town and Bai woke up on the plane.

    After resting for a night in the Lentimas Town Pokemon Center, Bai traveled to the Strange House, where she met the third lieutenant in the front. As soon as she saw him, Hei immediately came out. He smiled when he saw Hei and invited her inside before walking in himself. Hei followed, but the third lieutenant had already disappeared by the time she came in. After she walked one step in, the door slammed behind her without any warning, causing her to jump. As Hei continued through the house, furniture moved, things started to float, ghosts appeared and disappeared, and there were screams of pain that echoed through the entire house. After going through the house several times, Hei found the third lieutenant. He was sitting in a floating chair as if he was a king, arrogantly waiting for Hei to find him. When she appeared, the chair that the lieutenant was floating in slowly landed on the ground. He welcomed her like an honoured guest. Suspicious, Hei played the role before, suddenly, a pokemon landed behind her. She sent out Gang Yongshi automatically as a reflex and saw that the pokemon was an Arcanine, who growled loudly at Hei. Hei commented about how the lieutenant didn’t have a Growlithe or an Arcanine before and the lieutenant shrugged. The lieutenant stated that they should not give their pokemon any orders; that they would be able to figure out who was the better trainer by whose pokemon won. Hei agreed. The Arcanine attacked and Gang Yongshi fended off the attack with Bone Rush. They traded off attacks before the Arcanine got in a lucky Fire Fang. Seeing that the Arcanine was in close range, in the middle of his pain, Gang Yongshi hit Arcanine with several Bone Rush attacks. The Arcanine fainted by the several super effective attacks and Gang Yongshi wasn’t far from passing out himself. The lieutenant clapped and congratulated Gang Yongshi on his victory. Suddenly, everything went dark, the only source of light (candles) went off. When the candles suddenly lit up, the lieutenant was gone. Hei returned Gang Yongshi and left the Strange House, healing Gang Yongshi at the Pokemon Center and arriving at the front of entrance of the Reversal Mountain. When Hei arrived, Bai woke up and shook her head before entering Reversal Mountain.

    In Reversal Mountain, Bai trained her Pokemon until Youling evolved into a Jellicent. When she left and made it into the Undella Town Pokemon Center, a package was waiting for her; it was a Magmarizer; an item that could evolve Rongyan into a Magmortar. There was no name on the package, but Bai assumed that it was from her mum. She knew that in order for Rongyan to evolve into a Magmortar that she needed to trade Rongyan when he was holding the Magmarizer, but wasn’t quite sure who she could trust to do so. While she was pondering while walking around Undella Town, she bumped into someone with long blonde hair. She immediately apologised and started blushing when she realised it was Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh. Cynthia smiled and apologised as well, noticing that Bai had six gym badges and was lost in thought. She asked if there was anything she could do to help. Bai seemed nervous at first, but asked if Cynthia could help her evolve Rongyan into a Magmortar; after all, the champion of a region was surely trustworthy. Cynthia said that she was happy to help and made the trade, causing Rongyan to evolve. After their pokemon had been returned to their original owners, Bai thanked Cynthia for her help and Cynthia gave Bai her phone number and told her that she could call at any time. Blushing profusely, Bai thanked Cynthia again and the two headed their separate ways; Bai to Lacunosa Town and Cynthia to Caitlin’s villa.

    After training and moving through Route Thirteen, Lacunosa Town, Route 12, the Village Bridge, and Route 11, Bai finally made it to Opelucid City. After resting in the Pokemon Center, Bai went to the Opelucid Gym. She knew that it was her seventh gym badge, which meant that if Hei took the next gym battle, Hei would have taken her first and last gym battles. Bai wasn’t able to truly start collecting her gym badges, but she did want to end it. She told Hei that if she wanted to battle, she had best battle in the Opelucid Gym rather than the Humilau Gym because Bai would fight Hei all the way if she tried to take control in Humilau Gym, which would probably cause a distraction and cause Hei to lose the gym badge. She also told Hui to not interfere as well, as Bai could not tell the difference between blacking out when Hei is in charge and blacking out when Hui is in charge. Hei came out in front of the Opelucid Gym; she had decided that battling dragon types would be more of a challenge than fighting water types. So, Hei made it through the gym and battled against Drayden. Fang Lei, now an Eelektross, beat Druddigon but lost against Flygon. Youling beat Flygon after Shu tried and failed with several well put Ice Beams, but lost against Haxorus but not without freezing Haxorus’s leg with Ice Beam. Gang Yongshi came out and soundly defeated Haxorus while Haxorus was still trying to deal with the ice. Hei won the Legend badge with Haxorus’s defeat and healed the pokemon at the Pokemon Center where Bai came back. Bai noticed the Legend badge and grinned: it seemed that she got the last and final gym leader to herself.

    After doubling back to Undella Town and going through the Marine Tube, Bai arrived at Humilau City to see it overrun with Team Viper. She stole the uniform of a grunt again and managed to sneak into their base of operations, which Bai realised to be the Humilau Gym. When she walked in, the leader of Team Viper was stating a grand speech. The leader of Team Viper was known as Tatsuo, what Bai knew to mean “Dragon Man” in Japanese. He stated how they were going to rule the world with the strongest pokemon all of the regions had ever known and that they needed help from the guest of honour who had finally arrived. Bai startled, as she knew from the second lieutenant that she was the person to help them, and was promptly captured by said lieutenant who cuffed her wrists together and smashed her on the head hard enough to disorient her, but not enough to knock her out. She was pushed next to the leader of Team Viper and was forced to her knees. The leader began to talk about Bai’s history and how she was chosen by the four legendary pokemon: Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo and how they were going to draw the four out by using Bai. Someone in the crowd asked how they were going to do that and the leader replied, “Torture or the threat of death.” With those final words, the leader made a motion and Bai was tazed with enough volts to pass out.

    Bai has no recollection of her stay in Team Viper’s “care” as a fourth personality, Lan, came to be and took all of the horrifying memories for herself and since the things I think of are really really really dark, they will not be mentioned at all in the history. Bai will be getting some of the memories back during the RP, BUT THERE WILL NEVER BE A FLASHBACK AT ALL. My mind is a very dangerous place apparently. I am seriously shuddering at what my mind is coming up with. (clears throat) Back to the, I suppose, story as this history is *huge*.

    After two months, Lan, now not fighting anymore, was deemed ready by Tatsuo. She was thrown in the ocean and left there to die before Keldeo saved Lan and put her on his back. Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion were also there, surrounding the Team Viper members. While Keldeo left with Lan, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion distracted the Team Viper members. Keldeo ran to Undella Town and landed in the garden of Caitlin’s villa. Cynthia ran out and took Lan from Keldeo. Keldeo nodded his head in thanks and went back to Humilau City in order to back up the other three. Cynthia brought Lan inside the villa and took care of her injuries.

    A few days later, Bai woke up and saw herself in the villa. Confused, sore, and hurting, Bai started roaming the villa, chancing upon Cynthia in the kitchen. Cynthia asked how she was feeling and she said that she felt confused, sore, and hurting. Cynthia told Bai about what she knew and asked about what had happened to her. Bai shrugged and explained about her DID and how she didn’t remember anything that her other personalities did. Cynthia looked at Bai with sympathy, but not pity, which made Bai’s respect of Cynthia grew. Bai told Cynthia that she really needed to get back to Humilau City, but Cynthia told Bai that all passages to and from Humilau City were blocked in order to try and keep Team Viper there. All power had been cut off from Humilau City as well and the Marine Tube was heavily guarded. Cynthia stated that there was no way that Team Viper would have the power to do whatever it was that they were planning. Suddenly, Hui came out and told Cynthia about Chargestone Cave, which freaked Cynthia out slightly (hearing about DID is one thing, seeing it first hand is another) although she managed to hide her reaction. Hui told Cynthia to give her a notebook to write down her plans to give to Bai. Cynthia silently offered up a notebook and a pen to Hui and Hui spent the next few hours writing a plan. When she was done, Bai came back out and her and Cynthia read the plan together. The only thing that Cynthia didn’t like about the plan was that she couldn’t help Bai much as she was only the distraction, but Bai said that if she had her way, Cynthia wouldn’t even be a part of the plan at all since the fight against Team Viper was her and her personalities’ fight. Cynthia sighed and told Bai that the plan would be put in place in two days.

    Two days later, Cynthia managed to get Bai and her through to Humilau City using her champion credentials and how she was going to scope out Humilau City for the police. When they reached Humilau City, Cynthia sent out her pokemon and challenged all of the grunts to a battle while Bai snuck into the now almost abandoned and newly renovated Humilau Gym. The gym had four floors and on each floor was a challenge from each lieutenant. The first one was a mind game; Hui came out for the first floor and managed to go through the floor with some difficulty, finding the first lieutenant, knocking him out, and cuffing him. The second floor was a straightforward fighting match for Hei, which she also won with some difficulty due to the injuries she still sustained. She knocked the third lieutenant out and cuffed him. The third floor was a hypnotic suggestion that Bai had to deal with. It showed a fake maze that Bai was made to go through despite there being no maze there. Bai managed to break free of the hypnotic suggestion through Hui’s cunning, Hei’s tenacity, and Bai’s strong will. She found the second lieutenant, having a mental breakdown, and cuffed her so that she wouldn’t hurt herself. With the third floor done, Bai moved up to the fourth floor where Tatsuo was waiting for her.

    The fourth floor had all four of the legendary pokemon that helped save her, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo in cages. They all still looked proud despite the obvious signs of pain in their stance and in their eyes. Here, the prize was obvious; defeat Tatsuo in battle, which Bai managed after a long and hard battle in which all of her pokemon but Shu fainted. Tatsuo had a mental breakdown, screaming that he had broken her, broken her spirit, so why was she still able to defeat him? During this mental breakdown, Bai freed Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, and Keldeo who immediately attacked Tatsuo and either killed him or knocked him out; Bai couldn’t tell. The four of them left but not without silently paying Bai their gratitude and Bai did the same to them. They manage to clear out for Cynthia to appear on the fourth floor via window. Bai realised that she could have skipped the first three floors altogether if she had a pokemon that could fly. She sighed and told Cynthia about the three lieutenants. Together, they went through the building and got the lieutenants. The lieutenants were arrested and the gym leader, Marlon, was found in one of the abandoned huts, knocked out. Everything in Humilau City was great again. Cynthia went back to the villa and offered Bai a room. Bai accepted and they lived together for a few days before Bai had to go back to Humilau City to get her eighth gym badge.

    Bai challenged Marlon to a gym battle after Marlon healed from his concussion. As the gym itself was closed, Marlon and Bai battled on the beach next to the ocean. Fang Lei defeated Carracosta but was replaced for Youling against Wailord. When Marlon’s Jellicent came out, Youling was replaced by Shu, who defeated the Jellicent with a few, well placed Leaf Blades. With Jellicent’s defeat, Bai earned her eighth and final gym badge, the Wave Badge.

    Elated, after healing her pokemon at the Pokemon Center, Bai ran back to Undella Town to tell Cynthia the good news. Cynthia congratulated Bai and suggested that she go and face the Elite Four and the Champion. Strangely enough, Bai shook her head and told Cynthia that she went on her journey not to become a champion but to get closer to her pokemon and just winning the gym badges were enough for her. Since Bai wasn’t going to battle against the Elite Four, Cynthia suggested that Bai come to Sinnoh with her; Cynthia had to go back to do her champion duty anyways and Bai could start a new journey there. Cynthia told Bai that the journey would be too easy if she had her current pokemon with her and suggested that she leave them in the PC. Bai was hesitant on practically leaving her pokemon behind before deciding to ask them what they wanted. They, without words, agreed that Bai needed to journey more without them and they all asked to be put in the PC. With a sad and heavy heart, Bai put all of her pokemon into the PC and told Cynthia she was ready. For Bai, Cynthia gave her a Gible with the egg move Outrage.

    Bai and Cynthia went to Sinnoh together, although Cynthia dropped Bai off at Oreburgh City to begin her journey. She, once again, traveled through a region, this time Sinnoh, and won all of the gym badges. During her journey through Sinnoh, she met Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Cresselia, and Darkrai, although all of them were fairly brief sightings aside from Cresselia as, in the Strange House, Hei found a Lunar Wing. Bai gave the Lunar Wing back to Cresselia and Cresselia thanked Bai for the Lunar Wing back by giving her a dozen Lunar Wings that were about to fall off. Bai thanked Cresselia for the gift and made a necklace with a single Lunar Wing for Cynthia. She also met the members of the Sinnoh Elite Four due to her friendship with Cynthia. After getting all eight of the gym badges, Bai moved on to Hoenn.

    At Hoenn, it was slightly less eventful than Sinnoh; she traveled through and got her eight gym badges, but she didn’t know anyone to make her life exciting although Cynthia called every two weeks. She did meet the legendary pokemon Latias and Latios, but they were only sightings and were chanced upon by luck. After Hoenn, she moved on to Johto and Kanto.

    In Johto, she went through all eight gym leaders and met the three legendary dogs: Entei, Suicune, and Raikou. She was traveling through a forest one day with a lake that had been polluted with trash. The pokemon there were sick and she tried to help them by trying to filter the water to no avail; even Hui had no idea how to do so. Suicune came to the lake and cleaned the water and nuzzled Bai; a thanks for trying to clean the lake and help the pokemon. Behind Suicune were Entei and Raikou and they watched Bai with a close eye; as if worried that Bai was going to try to capture Suicune. Bai tried no such thing and wished the three of them a safe journey. After getting all eight of the gym badges, Bai went to Kanto.

    In Kanto, she battled and won against all eight of the gym leaders and met Mewtwo twice as well as the three legendary birds: Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. A pokemon hunter was trying to capture Articuno while Bai was walking past; Bai immediately battled against the pokemon hunter to try to stop him and Moltres and Zapdos came to, apparently, back Articuno up. The four of them soundly defeated the pokemon hunter and Articuno thanked Bai for the help by offering a ride. Bai thought it was an insult to them and refused until Articuno bowed to Bai and made a trilling, reproachful noise. Bai finally agreed and got a flight from Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. After the flight, they left. The first time Bai met Mewtwo was outside the Cerulean Cave; it was a chance meeting and just a glance. The second time Bai met Mewtwo was when Mewtwo was nearly captured by another pokemon hunter, a different one, and Bai helped Mewtwo out by defeating the dark type pokemon, allowing Mewtwo to soundly thrash the pokemon hunter. Mewtwo thanked Bai for the help and told her that if she ever needed help that he was now in her debt and left before Bai could say that she didn’t need a reward.

    After Kanto, Bai had already finished traveling through five regions and was invited by Cynthia to teach at the Pokemon Trainer Academy. Bai wasn’t quite sure what she could teach, but then Cynthia suggested that Bai part her knowledge on journeys. Bai decided why not and applied for a job at the Pokemon Trainer Academy. Bai knew that she probably got hired because Cynthia put in a good word for her, but she probably wouldn’t have been hired if it wasn’t for Cynthia. Bai decided to take her Unova team with her to the Academy because it had been a long time since they had truly hung out together all the time (Bai did take them out of the PC once in a while in order to train them and to get close to them again).

    Now, Hei, Hui, and Lan come out less unless Bai is in huge emotional distress (Lan; and by huge, I mean like Cynthia, or a bunch of people, has to die in front of her eyes) or if they really want to annoy people (Hei) or if they really want to challenge their intelligence (Hui), although that does not mean that the worse is over for Bai. No, now Bai has to deal with all of the memories that she is now receiving due to the slow merging between the personalities. She knows that after the merge, she will be a stronger and more whole individual, but the merging causes her to black out at random times. Sometimes she can tell when a black out is coming and other times she cannot. And when one black out comes, a lot are sure to follow, which wants Bai to do nothing but take a nap. Still, she is handling the merge well and her pokemon, even her Unova ones, know how to react when she blacks out.


    Species: Serperior
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Shu
    Ability: Overgrow
    Personality: Shu has been with Bai since she was nine years old. Shu is very caring and loyal to Bai and to her personalities. He loves Bai, tries to calm Hei, and motivates Hui. He knows and understands everything about Bai and feels in Bai’s debt because of the fire. He can be very sarcastic, dry, and witty.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Coil, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Toxic, Leech Seed, Iron Tail

    Species: Eelektross
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Fang Lei
    Ability: Levitate
    Personality: Fang Lei is a very hyper and energetic Pokemon. She also has to do something in order to feel alive, whether it is to battle, run around, or annoy Bai’s other pokemon. She loves Bai the most out of the three personalities as she is the kindest, but likes the other personalities well enough to not disobey them. Fang Lei tries not to let anyone down.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Thunder Wave, Spark, Acrobatics, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Crunch

    Species: Jellicent
    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Youling
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Personality: Youling is a very calm Pokemon. She generally likes to “go with the flow” and hugs everyone. She’s generally very happy and is probably Bai’s kindest pokemon. She doesn’t mind anyone’s flaws and likes to be the mediator of any fights. She doesn’t like fights, but will battle with everything she has for Bai, Hei, and Hui.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Energy Ball, Will-O-Wisp

    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Gang Yongshi
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Personality: Gang Yongshi is Bai’s most temperamental Pokemon. Although he rarely disagrees with Bai’s orders, he likes to fight with whatever is in his path, whether it be a wild Pokemon, a random trainer, a gym leader, or even his own teammates. He gets into a lot of arguments with Shu and Magmortar and insults Fang Lei, but is rather calm around Youling and Bai unless in a battle. He likes battling with Hei the best, as Hei usually lets him do what he wants in a battle. Hui annoys him the most, as she never wants the pokemon to act until she has a strategy ready. He still cares very much for all of his trainer’s personalities.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Dark Pulse, Earthquake, Psychic, Hidden Power(Dragon), Brick Break, Flash Cannon

    Species: Magmortar
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Rongyan
    Ability: Flame Body
    Personality: Magmortar can be one of Bai’s laziest Pokemon at first, but when either pissed off or motivated, Rongyan puts everything he has into everything. He generally likes to just look at the clouds or at fire to meditate. He believes that a calm mind will make his power grow even more than it is (which is ironic, considering he doesn’t know the move Calm Mind). He can hang out nicely with Hui and really likes Bai, but dislikes Hei. Not enough that he would ever lose a battle, but enough that he would not listen to Hei outside a battle.
    Lvl: 50
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Hidden Power(Water)

    Notes: When I say that a personality “comes out” and this will be shown in any IC posts, that means that Bai “blacks out” or passes out when a personality is coming in. Sometimes, a black out is forewarned by a headache, although that will not always happen. I really really hope that you like the history because I have spent half of yesterday (technically two days ago as it is 12:30AM right now) and all of today (technically yesterday) working on it. The thing is a monster at 6154 words. Altogether, not including this note, the SU is 7554 words long. Ten pages with 10 size font. I'm really sorry that this is a lot. x_x; Thank you for taking the time to read over my character and even if you deny it, thank you for giving time to consider my character. Just to let you know, I was all about to make Bai's mum the boss of Team Viper, but then I decided not to. Do you think it's less cliché since I didn't do it?
    "I want to become the SHINee that will exist in your hearts and be remembered forever." - Leader Onew