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    I recently replaced the batteries in my Gen 1, 2 and 3 carts and did myself a marathon. Here are my teams in Gens 1 and 2:

    - Charizard lv47
    - Butterfree lv46 (people say it's useless... IDK, I used it to finish off Blue's Blastoise )
    - Gyarados lv47
    - Raichu lv48
    - Dugtrio lv46
    - Mew lv45 (got it with the glitch; used it mostly as half HM slave, half last resort; never used in in fights with the Elite 4)

    Blue. I went old-school with this playthrough, used only my starter and another Pokémon as a backup:
    - Blastoise lv63
    - Mew lv56

    - Pikachu lv47
    - Charizard lv47
    - Hypno lv45
    - Nidoking lv46
    - Venusaur lv45
    - Blastoise lv47

    - Feraligatr lv66
    - Ampharos lv63
    - Golem lv63
    - Alakazam lv63
    - Togetic lv61
    - Dragonite lv60

    Silver. Another old-school playthrough. I didn't even attempt to battle Red in this playthrough (which is kinda obvious ):
    - Typhlosion lv67
    - Ledian lv40
    - Togetic lv 42

    - Meganium lv60
    - Sneasel lv63
    - Crobat lv61
    - Heracross lv60
    - Lanturn lv60
    - Arcanine lv60
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