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    ?Medicine Pocket?

    ?Pokéball Pocket?

    ?Key Items Pocket?





    Held Item(s):

    Chapter Zero:

    Part Zero

    Name: Whitney "???" Eli
    Nickname: Witty
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Dorm: Suicune Dorm

    Whitney generally wears dark clothing, and has a liking for baseball caps and candy cigarettes, so she's often found with both. Her satchel-like bag has a special dividable strap to turn it into a regular backpack. Her eyes beep blue, her skin fair, and her amber hair is often hidden in the cap, causing some gender confusion at times. She also has some earrings on both ears, and seems to sport a bit of a "Punk Chick" look, if not for her kind smile and deep eyes.

    Whitney is commonly seen lost in thought, or thinking faster than her body can process. She often invents new and useful things, though when she tests them they occasionally falter or... Explode. She tends to take serious situations a tad too lightly, often joking about injuries or trying to lighten the mood. She is rarely down in depression, and spends most of her interactions with a smile, and possibly some humor. However, when her gender is mistaken, her happiness becomes rage. Arceus protect anyone who calls her a guy. She often fantasizes about some boy her age coming and sweeping her away, understanding her oddities instead of pointing them out. This, however, remains a fantasy, as people continue to mistake her for a guy.

    Born and raised in Nimbasa City, Unova, Whitney was surrounded by the latest and greatest of Technology. However, while others looked to this technology and thought, "Oh, that's amazing!", Whitney was different. She looked at everything and simply said, "I can do /soooo/ much better." Her parents were disinterested, but wealthy enough that Whitney was able to get what she asked. Did she ever ask for an MP3 Player? No. She asked for metal, circuitry, and every part needed to make her own, and it indeed turned out better than the leading model. Soon she was creating everything, though not only for herself, but for others as well. She was soon well-renowned for her invention, and even took up work with fabric and other materials, though she didn't just make clothes. She made all sorts of clothing with technology hidden within, too thin to see and too flexible to feel. Late one afternoon, she had been taking a 'short break' on Nimbasa's world-renowned Ferris Wheel. when she was startled awake by a large thud. It was seemingly nothing, though she decided to get off to check it out. A few yards from the exit she found a Pidgey lying half-dead on the ground. In a moment of distress, she took the poor creature in in a heartbeat. Her wings were utterly useless. So, being the inventor she was, she created artificial wings to replace the broken ones. However, these wings are made out of purely white feathers, and contradict the coloration of the bird, but they look extremely beautiful nonetheless. She began training the bird, naming her "Pidge" for short. When Pidge evolved, Whitney built her an even larger set of wings, making them twice as breathtaking when fully spread. Eventually the bird was trained to great strength, able to now carry her trainer into the air. Keeping (but improving) the backpack the bird enjoyed resting in. It now could be worn on her back, and was large enough to fit all of the items she needed, plus the biggest pocket for Pidge. With the bird hidden in the backpack, but the wings spread to each side, Whitney was also mistaken as an angel, and she even used this backpack (and Pidge) to learn to fly on her own. Later on, she found out about the academy, and decided her Pokemon Training would be better off with a teacher. However, she also brought her many supplies with her.


    Species: Pidgeotto
    Name: Pidge
    Personality: Pidge is a proud helper of Whitney, and even protects her is necessary, but she is not content with others unless Whitney is. She is very fond and loyal to Whitney.
    Level: 20
    Moves: Quick Attack, Gust, Sand-Attack, Fly, -----, -----

    Fixed Float!