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Originally Posted by ShinyHoundoom View Post
I can't continue with this challenge. Platinum is a hard game to play normally let alone nuzlocke. It's driving me up a wall and I was probably going to lose at Fantina anyway.
It's funny you say that, really. My next Platinum update is a rough one for me. With that said...

1) You must nickname all of your Pokemon.
2) A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC.
3) You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.
4) Dupes Clause is OFF.
5) Challenge starts once I receive Pokeballs.

- Made it back to Jubilife City where Looker stopped me and chatted for a few seconds. After healing, I taught Return to Crush since he was lacking a better move than Tackle. Then I headed north to Route 204.
- Just before Route 204, some Galactic guys were harassing Rowan and Dawn, so it was up to me and Dawn to go up against them and fight.
- They used Stunky and Glameow, Dawn used Chimchar, and I used Crush. Chimchar's Ember and Crush's Return worked well to take them both down.
- I entered Ravaged Path and found a Psyduck. I caught it and named it Songbird (from Oasis).
- Out the other side of Route 204, I found some more grass and some trainers to battle.
- I made it up to Floaroma Town, healed, then headed east to Route 205. A girl stopped me and mentioned her father being locked in the Valley Windworks, so I headed that way and saw a Galactic Grunt. He challenged me to a fight, but all he had was a Glameow. But this cat kept putting me to sleep, wow annoying. He ended up telling me that the key for the Windworks actually was somewhere else, so I had to go find it.
- So I headed back to Floaroma Town and then north to the meadow where I had to fight two more Galactic Grunts. Following that, Crush evolved!
- I got the Windworks Key, so I headed back and unlocked the door. Inside, there were a few Galactic Grunts to take out, but they were no problem for my team.
- After going back to heal, I took on Commander Mars. Her Zubat was easy for Crush, but her Purugly was a bit tough. Sticks ended up getting a crit on the last move though to knock it out. After that, the Galactics fled.
- I went through the Windworks grass for the first time and found a Pachirisu. I didn't really need it, but I figured it's nice to have, so I caught it and named it Centerfold (from Against Me!)
- Onto Route 205, I ran into a wild Shellos which I caught and named Parallel (from Bad Religion).
- I then fought a Camper with a Ponyta who OHKO'd Garands on the first turn. RIP Garands
- AND THEN I fought a girl with a Roselia who crit'd Crush with a Mega Drain, so that's two Pokemon lost on this route. Awful.
- I made it up to Eterna Forest and ran into Cheryl, who teamed up with me to get through the forest. My first encounter was actually a double battle featuring a Buneary and a Gastly. So I knocked out the Buneary and caught the Gastly, somewhat making up for losing Crush earlier. I named the Gastly Sure Shot (from the Beastie Boys).
- There was a double battle in the forest that I lost Centerfold in…
- I finally made it to the end of the forest and back out onto Route 205, and then to Eterna City.
- I am now grinding to face Gardenia.


Sticks the Prinplup
Level 22
@No Item
Pound, Metal Claw, Bubblebeam, Peck

Sure Shot the Gastly
Level 21
@No Item
Lick, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Curse

Songbird the Psyduck
Level 10
@No Item
Water Sport, Scratch, Tail Whip, Water Gun

Chaos the Bidoof
Level 3
@No Item

Zero the Geodude Level 5
Parallel the Shellos Level 11

Bob the Bidoof Level 5
Garands the Zubat Level 11
Crush the Luxio Level 16
Centerfold the Pachirisu Level 10
Time Warp Challenge
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