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    I thought that Black 2 was quite a bit hard tan its predecessors. I didn't really think that the gym battles were much harder for the most part, but I thought the amount of trainers and the higher levels of Pokemon earlier in the game made the game harder. I found myself training a lot more so that I wouldn't lose. The Ghetsis battle was really hard in my opinion, and Victory Road was extremely difficult. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center at least five times just to get through victory road. Also, the Elite Four was pretty hard to defeat this time around and I had to carry a lot of hyper potions and revives. Iris was by far my hardest battle of the 5 and Caitlin gave me trouble as well. Also, even the Team Plasma members were harder to beat. Cheren gave me a hard time too. Also, defeating N's Zekrom took me at least two hours because it was so powerful. I had to find a hydreigon then constantly train it until it reached level 65 at least. Then I still had trouble defeating it with my entire team.

    The game was harder, but overall I had more satisfaction when I had beat it in the time period that I did.
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