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GUH this is so terribly long I believe I'm going to put it behind a spoiler and only inflict it on the people who really want to read it XD I got a bit carried away with this character idea >3>;;


Name: Leo Pride
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: If there's one thing you can say about Leo, it is that it's incredibly hard to bring his spirits down. He seems to cling to an unending cheefulness and optimism that most people would find difficult to maintain. He greets everyone with extreme friendliness, regardless of what they look like or how they dress. He would happily approach someone in a rocket uniform as if they were a soccer-mom out for groceries. He can take quite a bit of verbal abuse before his blind friendliness expires, but Leo prefers to simply disengage from anyone he finds distasteful rather than butting heads. Though he's friendly, he does not seem like he actually seeks out the company of other people with any sort of regularity. In fact, he's perfectly happy in his own little world. He seems not quite socialized enough to empathize quite completely with other people. He's fairly flippant when it comes to other people's needs and feelings; he almost views them more as characters populating his own little world as opposed to fully realized individuals of their own. He has an intense curiosity and he likes to touch and inspect everything that catches his interest, and often ignores people's personal space, and occasionally the laws of personal possession to sate his curiosity. Pokemon seem to have avoided this treatment somehow; Leo will share his heart with them connecting with them quickly, and deeply concerned with their own well being and emotions. Galaxy, his Staryu, seems to be the receiver of many unspoken secrets and attention. He inherently trusts pokemon even more than people. This can see a bit odd, as Leo is mute, and unless the person he is talking to knows sign language, can only communicate through written word or through pantomime, which mostly only humans react to.

Of course, his silly and cheerful little demeanor is only the facet that the world sees most readily. As idle and ditzy as he may seem interacting with people, he is never unaware. Perhaps it's a side effect of his psychic powers, but he seems to have a supernatural awareness of what's going on around him, and it's very hard to surprise him. Though he shows little understanding of danger and consequences, he does actually understand, it seems he just doesn't care. He shows little fear for his own safety, and though he will bite and claw and fight to the death to survive, danger doesn't seem to scare or slow him down at all. His goofy personality, trusting nature and mute pantomime to communicate that can come off as over-exaggerated may make people think he's dumb, but he actually has an incredibly sharp mind that takes glee in deconstructing the puzzles his curiosity brings to him. Though Leo cares little of what people think of him, he's also quite vain, always putting effort into his appearance to the point where a mirror is one of his must have items along with his journey. He uses it plenty, checking his makeup and smoothing his hair after any potential disruption. At the bottom of it all, Leo clings terribly hard onto his cheerfulness, both as a face to show the world, and a way to battle his own inner tiredness and grim past experiences. When all the doors are closed, and even his pokemon are looking away, sometimes the smile fades down into a soft tired line, and the seemingly endless pool of energy proves to be shallow. In these moments, the quietness can overtake him and he becomes rather contemplative and grim. Usually a good rest is all that is needed to pull him out of it though, as it's usually accompanied by physical weariness.
Appearance: Leo certainly is a... colorful boy in appearance. His wardrobe is extremely colorful and garish to the point of being offending to the eyes. He pairs patterns that shouldn't be allowed next to each other at all, and though he prefers bright yellows with dashes of blue, there's plenty of room in any outfit and its clashing patterns he wears for all the colors of the rainbow to sneak in somehow. He tends to wear layers and oversized clothes, the combined effect of which thoroughly obscures his figure aside from his waist which is frequently cinched tight with a belt or woven tassel of some sort. He actually has a small whiteboard that is frequently hanging around his neck for when he wishes to say something short and fast and doesn't want to bring out his notebook to do so. His long sleeves are often pulled over his hands and dirtied with the ink he erases from the board frequently, the ends black and blue with the stuff. The whole effect makes him seem like some sort of ragged escaped circus boy, very much unbecoming and not representative at all of the wealth he comes from.

Of course, his unique look does not stop with his clothes. He has a new hairstyle every week it seems, and is no stranger to dyes of unnatural color. For his journey, he's managed to restrain himself to a single hairdo of more natural color than most of his choices: honey blond hair meticulously laid out into an extremely neat hairdo. His bangs are longish parted to his far left, and sweep across his face, partially obscuring his right eye slightly. The short hairs gracing the very back of his neck have been dyed a dark black and gradiate up to brown and then the same blond that the rest of his hair is. With such pride in his hair, it's not at all surprising that he preens, constantly smoothing it down and checking it. He is vain enough to wear make-up, not minding the femininity that the mascara and shadow he wears adds, and a single stud in his left ear glimmers and adds just a hint of sparkle to his face.

Not that he needs much extra sparkle. Leo is always grinning and his big blue eyes do all the sparkling that he needs. He's highly expressive, partially because of his need to be in order to communicate clearly with people, and partially because he's just fond of theatrics. He carries the air of his own wonderment and excitement with him. His face is thin, and chin pointy but not exactly small or unpronounced. High, defined cheekbones and surprisingly faint eyebrows make him looks slightly feminine, though the delicateness of the rest of his face is slightly interrupted by a nose that is a bit larger than it needs to be. It's long and pointed, with a thin, less distinguished bridge that takes no attention away from the beak-ish end.

All this of course, creates an image of a boy who looks as bright and unrelentingly cheerful and colorful as he acts, but just as his mood changes out of the public eye, so too is Leo's whole appearance carefully constructed to hide what's underneath. All those layers and distracting colors in his outfit hide the fact that Leo is bone thin, and not in an attractive way. His collarbone and hips stick out harshly, and if you remove his shirt the ripples of his ribs beneath his skin are visible. There is a little wiry muscle to his form, but not enough to counteract his significant weight issue, and even being slightly taller than average doesn't give him visual weight. At the end of the day when he removes his makeup, some of the darkness around his eyes lingers and it becomes clear that the healthy pinkness of his lips is artificial. Most telling of all is his hair, which, like his makeup, is removed at the end of the day. That smooth, slick, neat blond hair is removed; the wig covering no longer the short, thin, scraggly, light brown fuzz that is the of Leo's natural hair that has managed to grow back after his last treatment of chemo and radiation. When the excitement of the day is over and Leo is alone, he just looks bone tired and worn, but despite that he will always spare a smile for other people and for his pokemon.
Leo's life started out as one of promise. He was born to two relatively affluent parents who provided for his every need, and was for all intents and purposes a happy baby and toddler. Even as a young child, he began showing intense promise. He learned incredibly fast, so much so that he actually was given the opportunity when he was five to take one of the tests to determine psychic potential in young trainers. Psychic trainers were in even higher demand now that pokemon had turned vicious, and they had a taelnt with working with psychic and ghost pokemon that could be some of the most dangerous. Though the tests are not always reliable at that age, they pointed to a great potential within him. He didn't quite understand all of the implications yet, but he was promised that he could have a great future in pokemon training.

The glow of his potential future was cut short however, less than a year later when he was five. Leo got sick, but when the cold went away, his sore throat remained. He was young and couldn't express himself well enough to communicate the severity of his pain. He began losing weight at an alarming rate because he became reluctant to eat. It wasn't until he began having legitimate trouble opening his mouth and speaking for the pain that the true seriousness of Leo's little complaints that had been building up finally hit his parents. It took a while to discover the cause of it, mostly because at Leo's age; the tumorous growth at the far base of his tongue was the last thing they were looking for. Leo was a child, didn't smoke or chew; he was in the lowest of the low risk for oral cancer, but the cancer didn't care. Given his age, his parents chose to attempt non-surgical efforts first. Leo was pulled out of his kindergarten class to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They went for months but while the tumor shrunk slightly, it persisted. Eventually, due to the risk of it spreading to his lymph nodes, a dire fear with oral cancer, they felt they had to proceed with the surgery. Due to the location of the cancer being at the base of his tongue, nearly all of his tongue was removed.

And so the normality of Leo's childhood ended, and his ability to speak disappeared along with his cancer. He was young, and he learned sign language to communicate with his family quickly. The chemo had ravaged him during the treatment, and even after the cancer was removed Leo remained sickly and prone to sickness and easily fatigued. Leo's parents became protective and desired to homeschool Leo rather than subject him to the dangers of the outside world. Leo was at first, happy to comply, especially after his treatment had recently ended and he was still growing his hair back out and learning how to communicate.

Eventually however, Leo grew tired of being stuck at home and restless, the energy and enthusiasm of his childhood returning to him as he got older. His hair had never returned to a good condition after losing it to the cancer treatment, and so he took up wearing wigs with his parents permission, which kicked off his budding obsession with his appearence and make-up, as well as gave him enough confidence to explore outside by himself. He brought home a staryu he found washed up on Sunyshore's beach one day after such exploring, and his parents agreed that the companion might be good for him and soon the star shaped pokemon (affectionately named Galaxy) was living in a tank in Leo's room. Leo was enthused, and would spend much time in this room forehead to the tank "talking" to the pokemon silently with a grin on his face.

Even that wasn't going to sate him forever, and as Leo's curiosity drew him to the outside world more and more, his parents finally agreed to let him go back into public schooling when he was twelve. Leo had lived a sheltered life, and though he had been sick for much of it, people had been so nice to him during the time that he had firmly developed a strong optimism and friendliness. Despite his many years of sickness and being homeschooled, Leo managed to integrate nicely into the schoolwork side of things.. However, he was awkward and poorly socialized, and that combined with his inability to speak and somewhat odd appearance gave him difficulty making friends. Leo didn't mind, he was just happy to be on the outside where things moved and changed, and the chaos of people and interaction made the world a never ending surprise just for him to enjoy.

His cancer was eight years in remission when his cancer returned for a second time when he was 14, this time taking host in his throat. Determined not to have another surgery, they treated it with chemotherapy and radiation once again. It was a long hard battle the second time, and for many months it looked like he might not pull through a second time. Once again bedridden, Leo's thoughts turned inward and to the past. That promise he had heard so long ago that he could be a great trainer one day had stuck with him, and had always been in the back of his mind growing up. It had wormed its way deep into his head, and while it looked like he was on his death bed he asked his parents if they could sign off and let him become a trainer if he got better. In the depth of their despair, they agreed.

The turnaround wasn't immediate, but through a long tough fight, Leo once again beat the cancer in his system and went into remission. He would never let his parents give up on the promise they gave, and after badgering them and being cleared to return to normal activity, he took the staryu that he had been bonding with since he was little to go get an official trainer's liscence and do what he had been told he was going to do in a story long ago. Unaware of the realities of the harsh training world and chasing the idealized fairytale of long ago, Leo set off with gusto and a cheerful bounce to his step.

He isn't completely undeserving in his drive for becoming a trainer either. Those psychic powers that were predicted so long ago did not bloom into the power that was predicted, but it didn't completely disappear from Leo's sickness and strife. Leo discovered his powers extremely gradually, but was given plenty of time to practice while home alone once he discovered he could make pencils wiggle on the table just by looking at them. Yes, his physical illness stunted his psychic growth, but by the time he had overcome his second round with cancer at sixteen he could levitate small objects such as pokeballs, notebooks, binders. With lots of concentration he might be able to lift an empty chair. Leo doesn't see this power as a tool to be abused or really used in any useful matter, more like a magic trick to amuse himself in his own time. There is one other thing that has developed, and that is his silent, psychic link with Galaxy his staryu. He's had years of living with the pokemon to the point where, while he cannot speak vocally, he can speak with his mind to Galaxy. He seems completely unable to do this with humans at the moment, and Galaxy is the only pokemon he's able to do it with ease to due to their long close relationship.
Starter: Staryu named Galaxy
Roleplay Example: Jack beamed when Drayden complimented Joker. "Well thank you kindly Sir! I'm a professional pokemon coordinator by trade so I darn well hope Joker here would look good... Name's Jack. Kanto? Oh so yer from Kanto too then! I was born an' raised on a ranch in Kanto fancy that! Joker here wasn't one of ours though, I caught 'im and raised him from a little wild chick myself!" Jack said, swinging his leg over and dismounting from the large bird. Joker seemed to suddenly realize he was not under contest lights relaxed and folded his wings back up. One head went back to preen his fluffy body, while the other two suddenly started snapping at each other and honking.

"Still can't get him to sit still 'less we're in a contest though..." Jack said with a snort. He didn't seem worried about the little squabble though, and eventually the two heads settled down after a long hiss. Jack gave a the bird's fluffy back a firm pat. His face fell a little bit when Drayden mentioned battling though.

"Well, if that's a challenge I can't refuse per the rules... Honestly I came out here to avoid battles for a bit and was hopin' to catch something," Jack paused a second looking a bit embarrassed, "I really weren't expecting everyone to have six pokemon an' I seem like the odd trainer out as I only have five pokemon to my entire name. I was lookin' to catch one out here but ain't found a thing yet." Catching a new teammate would have to wait until after the battle though. Jack was a bit surprised when the other man gave him a wink. Now what did he mean by that? Well, this man didn't seem mean or like trouble, but that didn't mean that Jack was allowed to refuse his challenge.. He gave a soft sigh. Usually the challenger sent out the first pokemon... Jack held onto the hope that they wouldn't have to maybe, but then again, he would have to get used to the idea of the tournament somehow.
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