Thread: B2/W2: Hack Detection System?
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    Hey I'm ShinyBoss. My boyfriend gets me shiny pokemon and non-shiny pokemon as legit hacks. As in the stats aren't altered or anything,just appearance.

    In pokemon Black, I can use my shiny Ninetales in random matchup but in Pokemon White 2, it will not let me even play with it on my team. What is going on. I had a winning streak of 129 on Pokemon Black and on White 2, I have no idea what is happening. Can someone please explain to me if this is only happening in White/Black 2?

    I never hack stats nor does my boyfriend. He always wants to use his Sableye against others online but the hack detection system in this game prevents it. If I can't use my shiny pokemon, how come I see Japanese using shiny Reshirams, level 1, that cream me in the first turn? I am not happy with this wifi battle system.