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    Cecil was standing at edge of the boat looking at the academy in the distance. He was full of exitement as he thought of all the sights he'll see in the next ten to fifteen minuts. The boat was going to dock in Oak Town near the academy where he wil then head to his dorm to drop off his belongings. Cecil wondered what the people there on the little island were like, and how many friends and enemies he will make. He tried to shake it off for the time being and focus on the important matters.

    Haunter on the other hand, wasn't so sure about the academy. The ghost pokemon began to deeply imagine the pros and cons of his trainers time at the island. he thought that yes he will be happy to be away from home for a change, but he'll have to learn to build up the courage to ask people for directions, or just to say a simple greeting. It was this moment that Haunter feared most because there are plenty of things that could go wrong because of Cecil.

    The boat had finally docked in Oak town and the both Cecil and Haunter thanked the man for the lift and began to stroll along into Oak Town
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