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    Alice Crenshaw
    Entei Dorm

    Alice found what was going on between Roxas and his Pokémon funny and cute and giggled. After it was over, Roxas proceeded to feed her, as she had requested. He looked at Roxas shyly and ate the soup on the spoon.

    "Mmm!~ This is gooood!" she said after swallowing, "You-you're a great cook!"

    After those words she looked away from him. That was it, she couldn't hide it much longer. She liked him, and he had to know. But how? She wasn't confident enough to give him a kiss, and besides, she thought a kiss would be too soon and forward. Instead she looked at him with puppy eyes, and grabbed the boy's free hand.

    "Another one? P-Please?" she said, with a cute smile on her face.

    Jimmy Vincent
    Academy Grounds

    Zangoose's claws tore the Shadow Ball in two, and hit Biff hard. He looked like he hadn't taken any damage at all, and chuckled at the injured maroon Houndour. Jimmy commanded his hell hound to use Fire Spin, and Biff spat out some flames that in no time turned into a vortex that surrounded Zangoose. The latter endured the pain and used Hone Claws, while the vortex took more of its energy.

    "Biff, now strike with Ember!" Jimmy commanded.

    After a bark, Biff spat out more flames, but this time they just hit the foe. It didn't seem to make a big difference, however. Zangoose used Hone Claws one more time, and Biff began to get impatient because of that. Then, all of a sudden, the vortex disappeared, and Zangoose charged at Biff with a Crush Claw. It hit Biff critically, and the hound was struggling to stay standing. But he wasn't gonna go down. His pride was in his way. He glared at his foe, then a light blinded both Jimmy and his opponent, Bryce.

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