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So, I've been working on my S.U. post.
Here goes.

Name and other info.
Gwen Catrin Deallus. Gwen comes from the welsh name Gwendolyn [gwen-doll-in]. The name originated from the words Gwen and Dolyn. [Gwen; white/fair/blessed] and [Dolyn; moon]. She dislikes the name Gwendolyn, and introduces herself as Gwen.

In the past, People have tried to give her several nicknames. These names have all surfaced on account of her being simultaneously short, skinny and introverted. Although she does not mind these nicknames, 'Gwen' is preferred.




Entei or Raikou, depending on availability.
Gwen performed exceptionally on the written exam, however her lack of physical experience means that her practical exam was mediocre. She was accepted into the academy on the basis that she apply her knowledge of pokemon to her battling in order to better herself. In exchange she would be allowed to advance her studies for her goal of becoming a pokemon professor. This is where she would learn that to be a professor, you must first be at least a decent trainer.

Picture, AND description. I'm just overflowing with generosity.

The first thing that would strike you upon meeting Gwen for the first time, is that she is an exceptionally small individual, at 4’11 and 95 lbs, she is 6 inches and 15 lbs below the average, for a 15 year old girl.

She has short and messy hair, which is a deep crimson in color, and has a pair of pale green eyes, in front of which, she wears a pair of half-framed glasses that give her an intelligent and sophisticated look. Overall she seems oddly grown up in comparison to her stature.

Gwen is an intelligent and quiet girl. She is usually absorbed in her personal thoughts which can sometimes have the effect of causing her to seem uninterested in those around her, although this is not intended.
She has never really had the opportunity to spend time with other children of her age, and due to this she is not experienced at socializing with her peers. The fact that she could be dismissed as an introvert unfortunately means that she has grown accustomed to not interacting with her age group.
This has the side effect of her usually speaking her mind, and often upsetting or offending people unintentionally.
Although she gives off the outward image of a calm, collected individual, she can be very hyperactive and surprisingly loud for someone her size.
She should never be given sugar, a sugar rush for someone that size, and that socially inept is bound to end badly.

Deep down, one of her biggest personal fears is that she will never be truly accepted, and that she will always offend those who actually try to interact with her.
She would never admit this fact to anyone.

Over time she has developed the personal defense of acting very dismissive and uninterested in the things that are happening, if she is ever put on the spot or forced to be the focal spot of the subject, she will resort to this tactic, or change the subject. She tries not to do this, but it will often happen if she becomes nervous.

Her biggest interest after Pokemon would be reading. Although the vast majority of her reading was focused around Pokemon, she also enjoyed scientific articles as well as the occasional escapism in the form of a good fiction book.

Gwen's parents were a teenage romance, and eloped together when her mother, Carolyn fell pregnant. Gwen's mother was the absolute stereotype of 'that overly feminine and pretty girl'. The type of girl who cares more about makeup and fashion than anything else, and is instantly attracted to the exact type of person that Gwen's father Jacob, was. Jacob, was the typical high-school jock, and so it was probably fate that Carolyn and him fell in love.

They were perfectly suited for each other, Young, good looking and naive. This, naturally, ended up in Carolyn's pregnancy. Ten years later, they are both far more responsible, and they have jobs, a house, a child and a mortgage, everything needed to be a perfectly average family. Carolyn was a Pokemon coordinator. Unsurprisingly, her interest in fashion and beauty had started her down this path, and although she wasn't world-renowned, she was relatively successful, and earned more than her husband.
Jacob was a miner, manual labor was one of the few options available to him. He wasn't unintelligent, but having eloped with Carolyn before he had earned the qualifications that he wanted; not a lot of places would hire him.

Carolyn, once she had realized that her daughter was not interested in either beauty or makeup did not spend much time with Gwen and she was often away from home for long periods at a time, whilst she competed in various competitions. Jacob worked long days, often from dawn until dusk. This raised the problem of Gwen, a 10 year old girl who wanted nothing more than to be a Pokemon trainer, [This is not an uncommon dream for a 10 year old child, after all.] being left at home, alone, all day.

It was because of this, that Jacob had arranged for Gwen to spend her days at the local Pokemon research center. He would pay the owner of the center a small sum of money, and in return Gwen would be able to spend her days at the center. Of course, she was more of a hindrance to the researchers, but the head researcher Professor Ajax, took pity on her and let her help him with whatever he needed doing.

Over time, she actually became quite useful.
It was not a famous laboratory such as some of the facilities in the big cities, but it was a place for Gwen to be around Pokemon, and to her it was the greatest thing in the world.
The tasks she was given were menial and simplistic, however, after five years of pouring feed bags into troughs, helping to round up the Pokemon that lived at the center, avidly watching everything professor Ajax did, and on the rare occasion, tagging along on field research, Gwen knew that she no longer wished to be a Pokemon trainer. She was going to be a Pokemon professor. One day she would have her own laboratory, and she would be developing the newest most effective Pokemon medicine, or discovering an entirely new species of Pokemon. Delusions of grandeur aside, she simply wanted to do something useful.

It was at the Research lab that she met her closest friend. In fact she probably saved her life. Her friend was, of course, not a human.
On her way to the research lab one morning, she came across an unconscious Pokemon. It was an almost lifeless Poochyena pup.
The pup was probably the runt of the litter, and had been driven off by its siblings and left to die. At Least that was what Gwen gathered as Professor Ajax calmly explained to her later on. Gwen had run all the way to the lab, through the front door and right up to the elderly professor shouting the entire time, cradling the pup in her arms. The professor instantly took the weak Pokemon and gave it a check over. He was of course, qualified to administer first aid to any Pokemon that needed it; that was part of his job. It took a good deal longer before Gwen was calm enough to talk to the professor, and only once he had informed her that the Poochyena was going to be perfectly fine, did she stop sobbing and collect herself fully.
Professor Ajax explained to her that this was not uncommon amongst canine Pokemon, where the pups have to fight for the mothers attention and food. During the next few weeks Gwen had taken it upon herself to look after the Poochyena and the two quickly developed a close bond.
Once the baby Pokemon had been fully rehabilitated, Professor Ajax told Gwen that the Pokemon could not be released back into the wild. Dismayed she asked why, and the Professor simply responded “She is no longer a wild Pokemon, I'm entrusting her to you.”
Secretly, the Professor was doing this as much for Gwen's sake as the Pokemons sake, he knew that Gwen was lonely, and he understood how much she loved Pokemon.
Gwen was overjoyed as was the small Poochyena.

She sent off her application to the Pokemon Trainer Academy herself, in the hope that the famous Professor Gary Oak would understand the need for pokemon researchers.
She was granted a chance to take the entrance exam on the condition that she also studied to become at least, a decent trainer. She was told this was because “To become a successful pokemon professor, one must understand pokemon fully, not simply from the perspective of a scientist. To to this, you must become an accomplished pokemon trainer. You will learn more than books could ever teach you.”
Skepticism of anything that could be greater than literature aside, she was ecstatic, this was a dream come true; a chance to really study pokemon, and at the famous Oak Pokemon Academy, no less.

Gwen has one Pokemon.


Amber. It had been a few weeks since Gwen had received Poochyena, and she still didn't have a name. Whilst Gwen was reading a book on pokemon fossils, she found the word 'Amber' and realized that the small Pokemons eyes were the exact color of amber. Once she had consulted her pokemon on the name, it was set. Gwen liked to hope that Poochyena could understand English, even if Gwen couldn't understand pokemon.

Amber is barely an adolescent for a Poochyena, at around 2 years old. She has spent a good 18 months of her life with Gwen. She enjoys her life of comfort with Gwen, whether its sitting on Gwen's lap whilst she reads, or helping coral the pokemon at the research lab.

Lvl(Max 25):
13. She has only ever been in battles with wild pokemon, and those were usually very weak pokemon around the town Gwen lived in. Whenever the pair of them were out walking, and a wild pokemon challenged them for straying into their territory, [for many pokemon, a Poochyena was a natural predator] they would battle. However, they rarely ever went looking for battles.

Sand Attack
Sucker Punch [Egg move]

Ability:Quick Feet