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    Fans of the television shows have been demanding a game since the show began, and now their wish has finally been granted. There have been a few browser games and an iOS app in the meanwhile, but finally developer WayForward Technologies has released a handheld game for all fans to enjoy. With an awesome title, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage provides players with a completely new gaming experience on the 3DS and DS, but also illustrates aspects similar to games like The Legend of Zelda. With a short story, unconventional gameplay and fun boss fights Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage is a peculiar game which you should rent before you buy!

    Snoring up a storm, you start out the game with a meeting from Cosmic Owl and everything is fine until he threatens you. Suddenly, he is shooting his cosmic beams at you turning you into buddy pudding! You wake up from your nightmare wondering what this means. Starting your adventure, you learn that Ice King is abusing people throughout the land, stealing trash to create his prized Ice Princess! Having nothing left to do,you, human Finn and your witty dog Jake travel throughout the land of Ooo to recover their garbage, save the Princess, and make it home before bedtime

    Console: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS
    Release Date: 11/20/12 (NA)
    Developer: WayForward Technologies
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Modes: Singleplayer
    ESRB Rating: E

    Throughout your quest, you will need to talk to a plethora of different characters. The more characters you talk to the better, because it will help you discover information on what to do and characters may give you items or other essential things you need. If you are an Adventure Time fan then you will love playing through the story because it features over twenty different characters from the series in their own wacky form. One unique thing that I personally loved about the game is that it had two different perspectives. One perspective is that you can travel around the land of Ooo seeing everything at a bird's eye view. This will help in exploring, and may make traveling easier. The other perspective is the 2D side scrolling where you fight enemies and bosses kicking major butt! The 2D perspective will also happen when you enter a town or dungeon; this may bring back nostalgic memories because it is very much like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

    Levels were also freer roam than the traditional 3DS title. You weren’t given an objective, you just had to search around and find out what to do. Throughout the levels you could also find cool objects to use, such as a ninja cape or billy sword. As you explore the land of Ooo more or revisit locations, you will gain more abilities to your main protagonists. These abilities range from moving across water to gliding in the air. Each ability has its own special function and will be essential to complete puzzles in the game.

    Traveling around Ooo is fun with you, Jake, and Finn in your backpack. The controls are elementary, and become second nature after a little while. You can also perform combos with Finn and Jake which aid in defeating bosses especially. More cool moves will be unlocked as your progress through the game. There is also one more ally that will be a tremendous help throughout your adventure: BMO. While traveling through the land of Ooo, BMO chills on your touchscreen keeping track of Finn’s stats, which you can upgrade to expand his HP, attack and running speed. I thought that WayForward could have expanded on these elements even more by adding features such as magic or defense. You will also get items for defeating enemies; these can range from a gauntlet to an apple. These will help replenish your health, or could help in battle. BMO also helps you find treasure and has a convenient map to help with exploration.

    Bird's eye view. BMO's so cute!

    Although the story is rich with fun Adventure Time content, the game is just too short. Anyone can complete the game in 5-8 hours. After you beat the game, New Game Plus is unlocked. Similar to Batman Arkham City, this is where enemies have double HP and are stronger. Overall though, the game is too easy. Geared more for kids, hardcore Adventure Time fans will be disappointed by the ease to beat enemies and even bosses. The abrupt story and easiness of the game was a disappointment, but was made up by the rich content and beautiful detail of the characters and setting.

    Playing through the game is just like the Adventure Time world that we see on TV. Characters with great detail look identical to their cartoon counterpart, and the worlds look familiar as well. The worlds are spread out, and you are allowed to free roam throughout them. WayForward did a great job with lighting, the colors and beauteous backdrops to support the cartoon style graphics. The 3D is also been utilized, when turned on everything pops out.

    Beat those boards!

    The music is marvelous! Hearing the Adventure Time theme song is always great, and the different, wacky music throughout your adventure makes the game seem even more like Adventure Time. Sometimes the music is instrumental; sometimes there are vocals to them. Unfortunately, the game doesn't have full voice acting. On the other hand, the dialogue is hilarious and retains that Adventure Time comedy to it which we all love.

    Fans of the Adventure Time show will enjoy this first handheld iteration of the game, and newcomers may like it as well. Adventure Time: Hey Why’d you Steal Our Garbage offers a unique story, with appearances of many Adventure Time characters and many fun weapons and items to choose from. On the other hand, the game falls short with its short story, lack of voice acting, and its easiness. Overall, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why’d You Steal Our Garbage is a great addition to the handheld community, and WayForward should be proud of it.

    Overall: 8
    Gameplay: 9
    Audio: 8
    Graphics: 8
    Longetivity: 6

    *The DS version to the game is almost identical to the 3DS version

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