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I always like the Layton games and this one was no different. I played the hell out of it when I got it and had 100%'d it pretty soon after.

I'm not really a huge fan of the jump to 3D models--I found it kind of jarring. It worked alright but I thought the 2D sprites in previous games were far more charming. Also some visual puzzles were crazy easy if you turned up the 3D slider which seemed a little unfair to people who can't/won't play with the actual 3D option turned on. This didn't detract a whole lot from the game for me, but I never did get used to it.

I didn't really notice the music as much in this entry but it wasn't bad music or anything. Just not as amazing as I remember the first two games' OSTs being. (I absolutely adored them but they're the only ones I've listened to outside of the game. D:)

Plot was alright. I agree that the twist (was it even a twist this time?) was way obvious, but at the same time, I didn't mind it all that much. I think some of the twists in previous games were just so ridiculous and over-the-top that it didn't feel like there was any real progression to that part of the story. I don't really like prequel stories that much because all of what we learn in this game seems out of place since Layton never mentions any of it in previous games. It just comes across as weird.

But the puzzles! I really liked the puzzles this time around. Most of them were fairly easy, but not so easy that they weren't fun. I loved the shop minigame in the briefcase and I still find myself going back into the main game just to redo those occasionally. And the daily puzzles have been great! I'm so impressed with them. I was so sure I'd find them boring and give up on them pretty quickly but I've actually been checking as regularly as possible and keeping up pretty well since I like them so much (I have to borrow my flatmate's 3DS to play this).

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