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    (You are referring to Durante degli Alighieri's depiction of Satan? With 3 heads, chewing on Judas, Brutus & Cassius?)

    I rather enjoy the theme, given the "3-form" limit of all Pokèmon, three-heads seems like a logical conclusion. Though it has been cheaply utilized for creating of multiple evolutions.

    Ah, yes, Unova is full of creepypastas, seriously... (this example is on-topic in regards to aesthetics).


    As is typical for the series, the Pokédex provides this... and not just Defanged Horrors either.
    "The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished." ~ Jellicent's PokéDex entry.
    You would think something that looks so frilly and harmless would have much more cheerful Pokédex entries...
    The White Pokédex entry states that "Their favorite food is life energy." Cross that with the scary Black Pokédex entry.
    It gets worse; they were originally created to be pure Water-type Pokémon, with innocent connections to princes and princesses, but Game Freak made them Darker and Edgier by adding a Ghost-type to them.
    It gets worse than that. Jellicent is 7'3" tall. Imagine: a 7'3" tall ghostly jellyfish/water demon causing ships to crash and crew members to vanish (or drown).
    Frillish is no saint, either. Frillish (who's only 3'11) paralyzes its victims with poison, then drags them five miles below the surface. The funny part is, you never actually have to cross the sea with surf, so it is possible to beat the game without encountering them. In the gate before their area the guy even says there is nothing to see ahead. That is to say the people are purposely keeping kids away from them.
    The real horror? Every game before this one has a large sea area with lots of swimmers but here? Only 1 place full of daring swimmers close to what might be an Eldritch Location/God's summer house. Oh and also unlike every previous generation there are no ships around. Reality Subtext to since some jellyfish spawn in such numbers around Japan to be pretty devastating
    Worse still, Frillish and Jellicent are both Ghost-types, so any attempt by humans to fight them off without Pokémon would be completely futile. Imagine vainly attempting to fight one off as it drags you to the depths paying no attention to your struggles.
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