Thread: [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
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    Originally Posted by Kirbychu View Post
    This is probably just to satisfy the cravings of the old fans. I predict that the old Pokemon will see some action in the World Tournament so the writers can focus on the newer Pokemon for the Unova league.

    As always I'm hoping to see more of Torkoal, but I really hope good ol' Charizard will get a nice battle in as well. It looks like that just might happen, given his prominence in that short little scene. I expect him to be incredibly powerful; God knows how long he's been training. I'd like to see Pokemon such as Muk, Kingler, and Primeape fight as well.
    unfortunately, if you don't remember, some of ash's awsome pokemon were given away or released, like butterfree, aipom, laparas, haunter, larvatar, pidgeot and, oh yeah, PRIMEAPE. Just sad isn't it. but I'm with you the only ones that he probably will never see again are butterfree and aipom (sinced it evolved and was traded to dawn(not in that order)).