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    Name: Daniel Drace




    Appearence:He is short for his age,with short chubby legs and short chubby arms.He has ice cold eyes and curly fair hair,always hidden with a scottish-style cap.He always wears a dark green shirt,with a red sweatshirt and a brown coat,with brown trousers and black shoes.He also wears a brown shoulder bag where he keeps his books,his pokeballs,his potions\super potions\oran berries\stuff like that,a lot of notes about pokemon and a lot of food.He has strong maxilars due to his constant eating,and also strong fists.His shoulders are rather large,so his pokemon can sit in there to have a ride.

    Personality:Although his appearence,he is very smart,and a good student.But he is shy,too,and doesn't have courage to do much things.He is lonely,but he always has his pokemon,that love jumping to his shoulders and going for a ride.His favorite class is Mythology,and he is often seen siting around the library reading a book,or siting around the battle field,watching the battles.He doesn't like battles that much and prefers training his pokemon alone,and learning.He might be shy,but if you make fun of his weight or physical appearence,he might punch right between the eyes.He is totally sane.And his favorite meal is Fried Chicken Sandwich.He believes that making your opponnent not understand you is some help to winning the battle.

    History: Daniel was born in Hoenn,in a little village between the woods.The village was only habited by his family,and lots of pokemon.His parents had a Pokehotel,that only pokemon could come in,not humans.Daniel was born in 25 February,in the afternoon.When he was born,his parents put him(on his crib)on the middle of the reception room,and the first pokemon to peek on the crib and say hello was a Munchlax.That is why he is always so hungry.Daniel was taught by his parents and family,and began his interest with dragon pokemon when he was about five years old.He saw a Bagon jumping of a cliff,and a Salamence picking it up on the air.Daniel thought that was awesome and began studying more about pokemon.Then one day,Daniel made an essay about dragon pokemon and sent it to Gary.The letter probably didn't get there,or even more probably,Gary didn't read it.Daniel felt so sad that his idol didn't care about him he decided to become better and better.His family wanted the best for Daniel,so they wrote a letter to the Pokemon Trainer Academy,with a copy of all his essays.Four days later,he recieved the intiaton package and there was a party that night.The letter took twenty five days to get there.He took three days to make his package,two hours to say goodbye to everybody and one hour in car to get to the closest train station,one day on train to get to the coast,and two days on boat to get to the island.
    Pokemon: Dratini(female),Charmander(Female),Treecko(male)
    -Species: Dragon Pokemon,Lizard Pokemon,Wood Gecko.
    -Nicknames: Draca,Fira,Argo
    -Personalities: Draca is a bit shy,but don't anger her,because she is very powerful.Fira is very cheeky and happy.She loves battling.Argo is kinda mysterious.He is very quiet.
    Draca=Dragon Tail,Wrap,Thunder Wave,Slam,Water Pulse,(to add)
    Fira=Ember,Scratch,growl,Dragon Rage,(to add),(to add)
    Argo=Absorb,Pound,Leer,Energy Ball,(to add)

    So...What do you think if my application?He is in Entei because he has knowdlege but he doesn't know anything about battles.He might become less shy.Think of him with a Scottish accent.And he is very polite.And please don't put him in any physical class.He would probably have an heart attack.And at least I have an excuse for him to arrive late.And might he get a pokemon for his birthday?

    "The world is gigantic, with lots of secrets and mysteries.I understand why you want to explore it. Finding something in the world is like finding a needle in a haystack, but I sweared to protect you until the end of time, so I will always have a way to find you."