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I would own a Zangoose, of course.

1.) Why would you like to have that Pokmon? (Other than being a favorite)
I would own a Zangoose because they are adorable, powerful, and deadly.

2.) Would you let your Pokmon get involved in trainer battles?
I would definitely let my Pokemon participate in battles because, hey, Pokemon love to fight.

3.) Would you train him/her to be your guardian? Or just let him/her be a loyal companion?
I would let him (Daggon) be my companion.

4.) What if your Pokmon misbehaves? Would you discipline him/her? How?
I would discipline Daggon by not letting him battle for a day. XD

5.) Would you give a special treat to your Pokmon if he/she behaves
Yes, I would give him a special Pokechow treat that is made for Zangoose.

6.) Would you enter your Pokmon in a contest?
Sure, he might enjoy it and it would be a neat experience.

7.) Do you rather keep him/her in a Pokball or out?
I would keep him out of his Pokeball; I'm sure it is very uncomfortable in there.

8.) What if your Pokmon feels sad? How would you cheer him/her up?

I will squeeze him so hard he can't breathe and squeal over and over that I love him.

9.) Would you release your Pokmon back into the wild?

NEVER! *holds Daggon protectively*
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