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    Hello again vydor !
    Personally when it comes to choosing sleeves I use ULTRA PRO Black Sleeves (50) for my Pokemon decks and for Yu-gi-oh I use Player's choice White (60) and Ultra Pro Black (50 or 60).

    Solid colours are the cheapest and less likely to get marked.
    Personally I would avoid White if your son likes to eat/drink snacks whilst playing and stick to darker colours like Black and Blue.

    I've found that the "clear" sleeves are mainly used for just sending cards in with a hard plastic top loader. I would not recommend them for gaming purposes as they are too thin and will easily tear/split.

    MAX Protection sleeves are usually more expensive because they have pretty designs on them, but they aren't as good quality and I would avoid them as they can be easily "marked" and split.

    Player's choice and Remove from Game seem to be the highest quality sleeves on the market for MTG, Pokemon, Vanguard and Yu-Gi-OH.
    They are however more expensive but less likely to split from shuffling (in my experience).

    eBay is the site which you will most likely find the best selection and you get more discount for buying in bulk, so it is up to you.

    If you want the summary, try ULTRA PRO solid colour like Black,Green, Blue and if they can't meet your standard, upgrade to Player's choice or Remove from Game.
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