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    chapter one: banded

    The evening twilight was beautiful. The sun had set just a few minutes ago, and the clouds started to disappear into the darkness, one by one. In a few minutes or so, the clouds would be no more, as the sky swallowed every last one of them up into its dark, haunting embrace. And this was happening at an astonishingly fast rate today, as if a bomb of darkness had been detonated in the sky.

    A Luxray was hiding in the bushes; the bushes just had to spring up where the village probably wouldn’t bother about it too much, giving him the perfect vantage point, as he peered through the leaves and branches, finding the perfect time to strike.

    There was a buzz coming from his pocket; it was his communicator. The Luxray picked it up.

    “Hey, Frenzy. Frenzy, you there?” a deep voice pulsated softly through the speaker.

    “No, I’m not,” he replied, slowly and stately, keeping his volume down.

    “Goo- I mean…wait, what?”

    “Get to the point,” he mumbled.

    “Right…I’m just here to wish you good luck,” the guy at the calling end said.

    Frenzy chuckled, fangs glimmering in the twilight. “You’re sending me into a Normal village, and you expect me to go down?”

    “No, it’s not tha-“

    Suddenly, the silence was broken by a robotic voice, echoing through the village.

    Frenzy looked over his shoulder and saw a Watchog. A lame, pathetic, guard Watchog. With those weird gleaming eyes which could give anyone nightmares.

    “GET OUT OF HERE NOW,” it said, monotonously, just like a robot.

    Frenzy smiled slyly at the furry critter, causing it to seemingly cringe in fear.

    “I guess you’re supposed to run now,” he said calmly. Then, with a sly smile, he continued, “Or I’ll touch you.”

    The Watchog stepped backward, eyes still wide open.
    And all of a sudden, they closed, and the Watchog took off.

    Frenzy watched the frightened Watchog take off into oblivion; it bashed through the crowd of Pokemon surrounding him, crying for mercy. And suddenly, a high-pitched, slightly painful voice sounded.

    “You scared my big brother away!”

    Frenzy looked towards the voice to see a young Patrat, who was in the middle of a potential battlefield for no apparent reason. He glared at it.

    “Oh, you want to be touched as well?”

    However, the reply that it gave was ground-breaking; it changed lives that night, and altered fates.

    “Come at me, furball! Everyone, attack!!”

    There was an eerie silence. No one stepped forward.

    Frenzy laughed loudly, his voice rumbling through the fields.
    “You’re all pathetic! I’d love to have more of this, but I think I’m going to see Togekiss now.”

    And the trigger was pulled; the Watchogs readied their Hypnosis attacks, the Stoutlands readied the Returns, and the Raticates opened their mouth really big, possibly trying to do an attack.

    Frenzy kept his smile going. He turned a full 360, and watched how the fighters were simply rooted to their positions; no one was ready to move into action. They were in a battling stance, but that was about it; they weren’t moving. And the little Patrat had left somewhere, possibly to cry in any other bedroom.

    He dug into his pocket slowly and took out a piece of white cloth, which was stained by splotches of red and blue.

    “This, my friends, is a Choice Band. It gives me a choice of only a single move, but in return, I’m granted extra Attack,” Frenzy said, almost sarcastically. He grinned, brandishing his fangs and watching the fighters shudder in fear. “Now, any contenders are welcomed into the rink.”

    There were no contenders. Frenzy heard someone in the crowd sigh, claiming that they should have taken him down before the Band came into play; too late for that, though.

    “Well, I’d like to see Togekiss now,” Frenzy requested politely.

    “NO!” the fighters said in unison. It was so perfectly timed that they could have been in some cheering squad; they would have been much better off at a place where they didn’t work to get creamed.

    “Well, that’s a shame.”

    Frenzy got into a battling stance. The red and blue stains of the Choice Band illuminated with brilliant energy, indicating that he had already selected his move.

    “There’s no use stalling now, attack!”

    It was that high-pitched, painful voice again. The Patrat had returned for more carnage. Its presence in the battlefield was something which puzzled Frenzy greatly, but he simply laughed it off.

    “Well, look who’s back.”

    “Shut up!” it defiantly shouted, glaring at him with those gaping, creepy eyes. It then turned to the fighters. “What are you waiting for? Attack!”

    This time, they did. They actually attacked. This caught Frenzy off slightly.

    The Watchogs fired rays of sleep-inducing pulses, the Stoutlands charged forth cloaked in white energy, and the Raticates…were doing something. They definitely weren’t attacking, but they were doing some weird dances that passed as attacks to Frenzy.

    Frenzy sighed as he crouched, stockpiling energy. “You all asked for it…”
    The Choice Band gleamed with a brighter light, and the light quickly enveloped him, sinking into him.

    Suddenly, there was a violent outburst of light, as Frenzy exploded in a magnificent blue aura. The Hypnosis beams were shaken to submission, and the Stoutlands stopped dead in their tracks. The Raticates continued to do the weird dances, unaffected by the light in any way; then again, they never actually contributed to anything at all here.

    Frenzy sprung forth, releasing all the stored energy in one gigantic expulsion as he dashed past every fighter on the battlefield, landing swift blows on each of them. There were cries, moans, and shrieks. And almost as quick as it started off, the energy dissipated and Frenzy returned to his original spot, panting. The Superpower attack decimated every man standing, and they all lay on the ground, drained of their energy. They would get up once they had regained their strength, but for now, they had to stay dead for a little while.

    Victorious, Frenzy strutted towards the tent located at the center of the village. That tent contained integral information that Frenzy needed to strike it rich; and at the same time, to finish the contract that he had accepted.

    However, he didn’t get to enter the tent just yet; Togekiss had come out herself to face up to him.

    “What is it that you want?” the Togekiss asked, already holding tears in her eyes.

    “Don’t play with me. What does everyone come here for?” Frenzy stood up straight, sternly staring at the clearly terrified Togekiss.

    Togekiss’ eyes opened wide just like a Patrat, and then she fell on her knees, grasping on to Frenzy’s legs.

    “Please, have mercy on us! We’ve been the victims of too many raids now!” she cried out to Frenzy, tears flowing out of her crystal eyes.

    “Why not just hand over some of that gold you have and get this entire thing over and done with?” Frenzy said, sternly.

    “But…b-but…” Togekiss looked up at Frenzy, before continuing to bawl.

    Frenzy shook her off, and put on a concerned tone. “Aww, what’s wrong?”

    “We…we don’t have any more of it! It’s all gone, okay?! It’s all gone!”

    Frenzy stood stuck on the spot for a few moments. Then he flipped open his communicator, to realize that he never actually turned it off. Silently, he spoke into it.

    “So, they don’t have it.”

    “I know, I’ve heard everything. You never actually turned this thing off, you know?”

    Togekiss stared at him. She must have heard the conversation.

    “I recommend that you quieten down a lit-“

    “Trash must be discarded.”

    Togekiss seemed to stop in motion for a second. She then fell to the floor, clutching on Frenzy’s legs again. “No. No, you can’t do that. No, don’t do that!”

    Frenzy shoved her aside. “Hang on a sec, I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do!”

    “Well, he wants you to destroy the village! Don’t do that!”

    Frenzy smiled. “Oh, thanks for the tip.”

    He slowly waltzed into Togekiss’ place, ready to construct destructive stuff. Togekiss clutched on to him, crying out words of anguish, but they didn’t sink into him.

    Frenzy looked around the place, and saw plenty of materials to construct what he needed to construct. It was this huge clutter of equipment which a slightly primitive village required, along with some high-tech stuff which anyone couldn’t do without. It all looked really good. However, something else caught his eye; maybe he didn’t need to construct anything at all.

    “Wow, I’d love to live here,” he said, monotonously.

    “How can you be so ruthless! Don’t you feel anything going wrong in there?! Don’t you feel anything?!!” Togekiss wailed, clutching tighter.

    Frenzy rigged open a length of a pipe, and some gas started flowing out of it.

    “Hmm, it’s hydrogen. Interesting. Wonder why you chose to power your entire village on hydrogen.”

    “Stop this! Please! I don’t wish to hurt you!”

    The Choice Band suddenly glowed, and Togekiss was silenced.

    “Unfortunately, I don’t wish to hurt you either.”

    Togekiss looked away from Frenzy, sniffing. Frenzy walked to the other corner of the room, and he grabbed a box of matchsticks; the only other piece of equipment which he needed for this extremely simple experiment.

    “Understand that hydrogen is extremely flammable; remember those chemistry lessons?”

    Togekiss suddenly turned around, in sudden realization.

    “No! You can’t do that! It’ll destroy the entire village!!”

    Suddenly, she was back down, clutching to Frenzy’s legs once again.

    “No, please! Have mercy on us!”

    “And why should I have mercy on you?”

    Togekiss was silent for a moment. She took a while to string her words together; it was lucky that Frenzy didn’t throw the match just yet.

    “You’re a Choicer,” she said, tears suddenly receding.

    “And so?” Frenzy questioned playfully, before realizing that he had just been led into a trap. There was a sudden change of tone. “No, don’t get to this.”

    “You were chosen by Arceus, because he found talent in you. But you’re wasting all this talent away through stupid actions like this. Tell me, why are you doing this?”

    Frenzy was silenced. That was something that didn’t happen a lot.

    “You’re bringing me through one of those cliché Clefairy-tales, eh? Doesn’t work, I’m sorry.” Frenzy laughed, pleased at his decent comeback, and he slashed the match across the floor, starting a beautiful orange fire. “Now, it’s about time you gave me that gold.”

    Togekiss fell to the floor again. Then, she made a faint smile, admitting defeat.

    “Well, there’s nothing that I can do, right?”

    Frenzy raised an eyebrow, then asked again, “Where’s the gold?”

    Togekiss mumbled, “It’s all gone.”

    Frenzy lowered his head for a while, deep in thought.

    He sighed. “Well, if you can give me one good reason as to why to keep this village,” he said, then glared at Togekiss. “I might decide to keep it.”

    Togekiss dipped her head. “I’ve got nothing.”

    “What a shame.”

    Frenzy walked closer to the hydrogen supply, threatening to toss the match in. Suddenly, a high-pitched, painful voice – rather, the high-pitched painful voice came through the doors.

    “No! Don’t destroy my home!”

    Frenzy hung his head down for a second. Then, he dramatically swished it around, and with anger burning in him, he shouted, “I’m tired of you, you pesky little thing! Get out of her-“

    “And watch my village burn? I don’t think so,” the Patrat interrupted.

    Frenzy’s Choice Band glowed.

    “Get out of here,” he snarled.

    Togekiss jumped up in shock. “No,” she squealed. “You can’t hurt the Patrat! You can’t!”

    “Well, tell it to shut up, then!”

    The Patrat folded its tiny arms.

    “Why should I? You’re the one threatening to destroy our village!”

    Frenzy was now fuming mad. That Patrat had started burning into his nerves.

    “Wild Charge!”

    Frenzy made a ferocious roar, cloaking himself with electricity. He made a graceful half-turn, spreading the electricity throughout his body, and it formed an almost surreal yellow veil around him.

    The Patrat smiled.


    The Patrat ran straight ahead towards Frenzy - the attack looked really sloppy in comparison to the Wild Charge.


    Frenzy charged ahead, watching the Patrat charge towards him from the other side.

    And then he realised; why was he attacking the Patrat? Wasn’t his objective to get gold or something? How did this Patrat have anything to do with it?

    Suddenly, Frenzy slowed down. Losing velocity meant that the electricity couldn’t stay around him; it dind’t. The electricity was expelled outwards, straight towards the Patrat.


    The poor little critter was electrocuted.

    Frenzy ran towards the fainted Patrat, sparks still running throughout his body. “No, what have I done?! What have I done?!!”

    He tapped on the fainted Patrat, and it did not move. The attack didn’t finish it off completely, but it did deal too much damage for the underlevelled Patrat to handle. It was going to stay dead for a while.


    The Communicator rang.

    “Frenzy, what are you doi-“

    “Shut up! Just shut up!”

    The Communicator was smashed in Frenzy’s firm, and getting firmer, grip.

    Togekiss walked slowly towards Frenzy.

    “I hope you’re happy now. You can now destroy this vi-“

    “No! Just get out of here!! Get out!!!” Frenzy snarled at Togekiss, eyes already reflecting light.

    Togekiss smiled, and sighed. “You’re not a violent person, are you?”

    Frenzy fell to the floor, right beside the Patrat.

    Togekiss continued, “You never wanted to destroy this village, right?”

    Frenzy let a tear touch the floor. Then, he got up and glared at Togekiss; somewhat like a kid after a spanking.

    After a little period of silence, he nodded.

    Togekiss now made a nice, sweet smile. “Know what the Choice Band symbolizes?”

    Frenzy shook his head.


    Frenzy stood silent for a moment. He took a look at the Patrat, then mumbled, “I don’t deserve it.”

    Frenzy undid the knot at the end of the Choice Band, and he threw it on the floor. Suddenly, as if there was a miracle, the Patrat got up.

    “Ow…what was that?”

    Frenzy smiled. “You’re up!”

    The Patrat looked at Frenzy with bleary eyes, and it suddenly jumped back. “No! Don’t touch me! Please don’t touch me!”

    Frenzy retained his smile and calmly said, “No, I’m not touching you or your village.”

    He picked up the Choice Band from the floor, and handed it to the Patrat.

    “This is for your courage, your initiative, and most importantly…”

    Frenzy smiled at Togekiss, and winked.


    The Patrat’s eyes gleamed. Then, after a moment of thought, it asked Frenzy, “But what will you do now?”

    Frenzy sighed. “I don’t know.”

    “Turn yourself in?” Togekiss suggested.

    Frenzy smiled. “Yeah, that’s a good start.”

    “I’ll ask them to lighten your sentence.”

    “Yeah…thanks for that, really. Thanks.”

    Frenzy was about to leave, but Togekiss stopped him.

    “You know, hydrogen isn’t flammable to standard flames; it’s only flammable to Will-o-wisps. You actually thought that you could get away with that?” Togekiss said, posing seductively.

    Frenzy laughed – it was a more cheerful laugh. “I tried.”

    Maybe loyalty’s about choosing who to be loyal to. Maybe choosing correctly for a change would give him an opportunity to redeem his life.

    Maybe it was time to choose his path correctly.

    A star emerged in the sky, and it was followed by many others. They gleamed beautifully in the dark night.

    popping my head back in here for lit/art purposes .
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