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    chapter two: scarfed

    “Ethy, wake up! Wake up!”


    “The cops are coming! Quick! Run!”

    The Glaceon’s eyes sprung right open. “What?!”

    Suddenly, in sudden realization, she shook her head, cheekily grinning.

    “Hey, you’re just trying to wake me up for training or something, right? Don’t use the cop excuse a-“

    “No, the cops are REALLY here!”

    She raised an eyebrow, then looked out of the window; there was a Dusclops in the local police uniform knocking on their door.

    “You meant the “cop” – as in, singular, right?” she said, yawning and stretching a little.

    “What do we do, Ethy?”

    She thought for a moment. Then, she said, “Don’t tell him about this, kay? Keep him asleep for a while…” With a seductive smile, she continued, “Would you please?”

    “Erm…yes! I will, I will!”

    Watching the panicking Lilligant evacuating her room and heading for her husband’s room, she slowly and stately headed for the door.

    The cop at the door, however, was running out of patience.

    “Hurry up, Plutonium! I know that you’re in there!”

    She opened the door.

    “Look, if this is some guy coming to sell stuff…I’m taking everything, kay?” she said in a calm and gentle tone.

    Suddenly, she looked up at the cop.

    “Oh, a cop? Heya! Welcome to my place!” she said, smiling widely.

    The Dusclops was stunned. This girl didn’t look like a criminal.

    “Right…I think we have the wrong house…erm…” the Dusclops said in a low-pitched drone. “May I have your name, miss?”

    “Oh, it’s Ethereal.”

    “Right…” the Dusclops scratched his head, then took down the name on his notebook. “Dang, that’s a beautiful name.”

    “Say what?” Ethereal questioned.

    The Dusclops swiftly shook his head, clearing those naughty thoughts.

    “Nothing, Miss Ethereal. Sorry for…erm…”

    The Dusclops blushed. Ethereal giggled.

    “Ethy would do. It’s what my friends call me.”

    “Oh…right. Sorry for that, Ethy.”

    At this point of time, the Dusclops had probably already forgotten why he was at this house. But bad guys always had to be extra careful.

    “Hey, you seem awfully tired…do you want a pick-me-up?” Ethereal offered.

    “Excuse me?” the Dusclops said, suddenly knocked out of his trance. “…sorry, I meant that I’m fine.”

    “Well…” Ethereal sighed, then stretched somewhere behind the door for an Energy Root. She handed it over to the Dusclops, and continued, “You need it.”

    The Dusclops sighed, then gratefully accepted the Energy Root.

    “Thanks, Ethy. I really owe you one. I’ve been searching for this Plutonium character for a really long time now; I don’t even know what Pokemon she is! Magnezone gives us ridiculous jobs…” the Dusclops said.

    Toying with the little cop just a little bit wouldn’t hurt too much.

    “Well…I know that Plutonium character…and I’ll give you a hint.”

    The Dusclops started listening more carefully.

    “She’s a Glaceon,” Ethereal said, winking at the Dusclops.

    The Dusclops nodded, and took it down. “Thanks, really appreciate it. Goodness, someone’s tarnishing the Glaceon line, eh?”

    Ethereal kept quiet about it. In any other situation, that would have been an insult. Firing an attack at the cop would be a bad idea, however, so she held back.

    Then, he looked at Ethereal, pleased, and said, “Well, thanks for the all your help! I’ll be going now.”

    The Dusclops disappeared into the horizon.

    Ethereal shut the door, and turned around to see her husband staring at her.

    “Oh, Lilly, how could you?”

    The Garchomp glared at her. “You tried to ask that Lilligant to keep me asleep again?”

    Ethereal scratched her head. “Eh, more or less.”

    “You…lied to a cop again?”

    “Well…” Ethereal thought about it for a while. “I didn’t tell any lies.”

    “I presume you made him feel good?”

    “I gave him an Energy Root, hope you don’t mind that.”

    The Garchomp smiled and opened his arms wide. “Aww, come here, you golden-hearted idiot!”

    Ethereal jumped into his arms. “Love ya, Sharky.”

    “Love you too, Angel.”


    “So, anything up today?”

    “Nope, nothing much. Just waiting for some calls.”

    “Aww, how sad,” Ethereal sighed. “I really wanted to beat people up today.”

    Ethereal peered out of the window, and saw a beautiful forest; the view was magnificent from five floors up. It was slightly ironic; a criminal hideout in a mansion in the middle of a forest. Sometimes, looking at a forest would help one feel a sense of calm. Or something.

    She turned around to see her husband putting down the phone. Instantly, she got excited.

    “Oh, finally! Finally!”

    “Yep. Today, we go for Magnezone of the Pokemon Central Police Force.”

    It was called revenge killing, but simply labeled “torture” by the common folk. It involved going up to a person and torturing him until something was acquired. It paid off really well.

    “Hey, it’s the big guy who gave the poor Dusclops such a hard time.”

    “Well, let’s go for him.”

    Ethereal nodded. Then, she realised that they were going to torture the head of the local police department. That wasn’t going to be too easy.

    “How are we supposed to do that, anyway?”

    “Don’t worry, he’s taking a day off.”

    “Hmm. Right, let’s call the gang.”

    Ethereal turned around and headed for the lift. Her husband stopped her with a playful smile, and asked, “Are you forgetting something?”

    Ethereal gulped.

    “I think I can do without it.”

    He laughed. “That’s what you always say. And most of the time, in the end, you use it anyway.”

    Ethereal hung her head down for a few seconds. Then, she turned around.

    “I just…don’t like using it.”

    She walked closer to him.

    “Look, hubby. I’ve told you lots of times…but when I use the Choice Scarf, I get nasty. And I really don’t like getting nasty…” she admitted.


    They fell into each other’s arms.

    “Sharky, why did I have to be the Choicer?”

    “Ask Arceus, gal. Ask Arceus.”

    They grasped each other tighter.


    Magnezone lived in a cottage far away from the city. Some Pokemon wondered what it actually did in the cottage, but they all tended to perceive it as a huge network of wires and computers.

    The fact that it was far away from the city was good enough to make it easy prey for revenge killing. Oh, and he was living alone too, making it an even simpler task.

    Ethereal and her husband hid in the bushes right beside the little hut.

    Ethereal sighed; the waiting part wasn’t particularly enjoyable.

    “Hey, Sharky,” she said really softly.

    “What, Angel?” he replied.

    “You know…I…don’t really wanna be in this criminal business anymore.”

    His eyes widened.

    “What makes you think that, Angel?” he said, stroking Ethereal on her back.

    Ethereal pushed his hand away. “It’s just that…” she cut her sentence off, then giggled. “Arceus, what’s wrong with me?”

    She leapt on him, cheekily grinning.

    “Heh, that’s the spirit…”

    Suddenly, his face darkened, and he signaled Ethereal to get ready. She reluctantly climbed down from the Garchomp’s back and got into her battle stance.

    The Magnezone was walking back from Pokemon Square with a bag strapped on one of its magnets. It was, hopefully, completely unaware of their presence.

    And the next moment, he was frozen to the floor by a perfectly-timed Ice Beam.

    “AARGH. WHAT?” the metallic, muffled voice echoed through the air.

    “Shhh…hush, baby,” Ethereal said, before firing another Ice Beam at the same area. “You’ll make my husband really angry.”

    She smiled, proudly swaggering towards the Magnezone.

    “Oh, and just so you know…” she said, then walked right beside the Magnezone and whispered, “He knows Earthquake.”

    The Magnezone’s eye flashed red, indicating fear. The plan was working out too well. The eye then started blinking red, and it slowly returned to its natural colour. Yep, this was a courageous one.


    Garchomp emerged from the bushes. Instantly, the eye flashed red again.

    “So,” he said, calmly, “Tell me about this…new invention.”

    The metallic blob was now trembling; or perhaps, vibrating. In any way, it was downright frightened to the core.

    “I’LL NEVER TELL YOU ANYTHING!” it buzzed, voice trembling – wavering, rather – slightly.

    “Oh…a pity,” Ethereal said, shaking her head. “Sharky! Come over!”

    Garchomp walked slowly towards the Magnezone.

    “So,” he said, “I guess you want to take an Earthquake in the face, right?”

    “NO!!” it screeched, before pausing dramatically. “WAIT, THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE. EARTHQUAKE IS MEANT TO WORK ON THE GROUND.”

    “No one said that I had to use it on the ground…” he casually said, brandishing his left claw at the big hunk of steel, letting it illuminate with energy; that energy would normally be thrown at the ground, causing a tremor – that’s the Earthquake. But in times like these, it was okay to be slightly creative.


    Garchomp’s eyes widened.



    Garchomp’s eyes now burned with rage.


    “No, honey, don’t!”

    Too late. Garchomp slammed his claw straight into the Magnezone, and it tore right through it, causing it to disappear into the air. It was a Substitute.



    Magnezone suddenly appeared from the bushes behind us, and flung spheres of concentrated energy towards Ethereal and Garchomp. But the spheres simply passed by Ethereal; in the split second which they slid across her face, she felt the icy energy within them. The Hidden Power was Ice-typed.

    The spheres of energy smashed into Garchomp, downing him in one clean shot.

    “No! Sharky!” Ethereal shrieked, then ran towards her husband. He was knocked unconscious by the blast. Her heart stopped for a second, and the silence was broken by Magnezone’s voice.


    “It’s Ethereal!” Ethereal snapped, swishing her body towards Magnezone, gracefully showing off the icy braids.


    Ethereal glared at Magnezone for a few hard seconds.

    “You know what? You’re not getting away with this.”

    She took out her Choice Scarf and wrapped it around her neck. As she made the final knot, securing it, the Scarf glowed with a mystical cyan aura.

    “I’ll give you one last chance!” she gnarled. “I know you pack Revives somewhere; get me one of those, and I might hit softer.”


    That was pretty true. It didn’t sink too well on Ethereal though.

    “Eat dirt, you piece of junk! Hidden Power!”

    Ethereal channeled her rage into several spheres of energy, and it collected around her. The spheres soon got so dense that they sank to the ground; it was a Ground typed Hidden Power.

    One swish of her body, and the spheres headed towards Magnezone.


    Magnezone poofed away – literally, leaving behind a decoy, which was smashed into bits by the Hidden Power.


    “Hidden Power!”

    Suddenly, Ethereal launched another Hidden Power, quickly recovering from the previous attack. It came so fast that Magnezone had no other choice but to go with another defensive measure.


    Magnezone disappeared again, leaving behind a decoy. It was once again shredded into bits.

    “YOU’RE FAST.”

    “Hidden Power!”


    This one came a lot faster than Magnezone had time to prepare for. The spheres of energy were already heading towards it, coming at an extremely high velocity.


    Suddenly, the spheres stopped dead in their tracks. Ethereal had stopped the attack. The spheres of energy stood stuck in the ground around Magnezone, threatening to slam into it if any movement was made.

    “So, who’s whining now?”


    Magnezone looked at Ethereal’s angry image. Maybe it wasn’t the best time for stupid jokes.


    “I want my Revive! Now!”


    “Right. I’ll just finish you, then!”

    It was then that Garchomp decided to wake up. Maybe the Hidden Power didn’t completely take him out.

    “Whoa, Angel.”

    Ethereal turned around, a smile running across her face.

    “Sharky! You’re back!”

    She ran towards Garchomp, throwing her Choice Scarf on the ground.

    But what Garchomp did didn’t just surprise her; it changed her.

    He slashed her with his strong scythes, and flung her to the side.

    “Argh! Sharky, what are you doin-“

    Ethereal had a flask pointed at her. It was an ordinary flask, made out of some weird metals which insulated heat really well, but Ethereal already knew what was inside it. Her heart sank.

    “Don’t move,” Garchomp said, sternly.

    “But…b-but…” Ethereal stammered, tears already forming. “No, Sharky, what are you doing?!”

    “Shut up!” Garchomp yelled, holding the flask closer. “Or I’ll open this pathetic little flask and send you back to prison again!”

    “WAIT, YOU WERE IN PRISON BEFORE?” Magnezone interjected. “HOW COME I DON’T KNOW ABO-“

    “You shut up too!” Garchomp turned around, snarling at Magnezone.

    Ethereal looked up at Gachomp, eyes glimmering in the morning sunlight. Then, she covered her eyes and looked away, as a tear made contact with the ground.

    “All this while, all you wanted was the Scarf, right?”

    “Indeed,” Garchomp replied. He calmly picked up the Choice Scarf from the floor, and he strapped it around his neck.

    “But why?!” Ethereal wailed. “I’ve given you my love and support all these years, and you give me this?!”

    “Look, Angel. There’s some stuff that you need to understand. You see, I’d do so much more with this Scarf than you would ever do in your entire life. I could easily walk up to the strongest Pokemon in the universe and down them with this Scarf. Meanwhile, you’re wasting the Scarf by being completely useless!”

    Ethereal gasped. Then, she lowered her head for a moment.

    After that moment, she tilted her head up, revealing eyes which were burning with rage.

    “Take this! Ice Beam!”

    Garchomp shrieked. He quickly released the contents of the flask, shocking Ethereal until her Ice Beam was completely dispelled.

    “No! NO!”

    A Fire Blast exploded out of the flask, engulfing Ethereal in brilliant orange fire. The fire raged on, charring the ground beside her.

    And then it subsided. Ethereal was unharmed, but she was only physically unharmed – she was a special Glaceon who was immune to fire. Emotionally though, she was struck too hard for a quick recovery; her anger dissipated instantly, and she hung her head down in despair.

    “Oops. Wrong flask,” Garchomp said, carrying a bounce in his voice.

    Ethereal remained silent.

    Garchomp grinned, and looked far into the horizon.

    “Next time we meet, I’ll bring the right flask. You better watch out. Don’t come back looking for your Scarf, as you’ll never get it back.”

    He strolled off, leaving Ethereal behind.

    Ethereal was heartbroken; she had devoted her life and given up too much for Garchomp, only to be backstabbed by him. She slumped down to the ground, tears oozing out of her eyes; she felt too hopeless to bawl.

    “HEY PLUTON- I MEAN, ETHEREAL. COULD YOU GET ME OUT OF THIS?” Magnezone said, disrupting the atmosphere slightly.

    Ethereal looked at Magnezone. She slowly got up, walked closer to him, and in a flash, she absorbed all the spheres of Hidden Power back into her.

    “You’re welcome,” she mumbled.


    “Don’t be, robot. Go ahead and arrest me.”

    “NO, I CAN’T…I CA-“

    “ARREST ME!” Ethereal shouted, before slamming her head to the ground, crying her soul out.

    Magnezone decided that it was best to remain silent. He binded Ethereal’s front legs together with Thunder Waves, doing the same thing with the back, and he phoned a Kirlia to come over and teleport them to the prison. Ethereal remained silent throughout all of it.

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