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    I'm sorry. Yes I know that if you change those bytes you get the black boxes, that's why I am confused. Originally I thotght you were talking about those bytes. If you could tell me the bytes to change for the green shadow ball that would help because I could figure it out from there because I have not a clue as too which bytes you are referring to. Sorry
    The bytes I'm talking about are the bytes in the effect data, which is not in the battle script proper. It is pointed to by the 02 command, always (as far as I've seen) as the first parameter. The values are usually in the x3EXXXX range- if you're looking around there you're probably in the right place.

    That's not what I'm posting to talk about, however. To do colored backgrounds like Giga Drain, insert the following:

    02 24 7B 3E 08 02 05 01 00 SS 00 00 00 YY 00 XX XX 05

    Where XX XX is the color you want, YY is the intensity (0C for Giga Drain- 10 replaces the background entirely with the given color), and SS is the speed of the transition (01 for Giga Drain, but I imagine Hyper Beam and other attacks use the same logic with a higher value). To revert the background to normal, place the following:

    02 24 7B 3E 08 02 05 01 00 SS 00 YY 00 00 00 XX XX 05 0B 03 0D

    The values here do not have to be the same, but I'd advise making the color and intensity the same or it will abruptly change at the start of the transition back.

    This allows us to accomplish animations that benefit from backgrounds without always having to insert new ones, like so:


    Yet Another Fire Red Hack

    Physical/Special Split
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