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    Originally Posted by PokmonScott

    If you need help with your games, send me an email requesting Pokemon Game Help as the Subject (i might delete it on accident). I will try my best to help. I can help you on almost anything, including the E-Card Reader for GBA.

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: MidnightAnime13

    Your welcome,

    -Scott Reed-
    PokmonScott (my s/n on every Pokemon Related Site)
    Hey, Pokemon Scott, i appreciate the fact that you're still quite new and i'm sure everyone here would appreciate your willingness to help but asking them to email you with their problems isn't the best idea as this is one of the main points as to why this Forum was created, quite a lot of the posts made on this forum are about problems/help wanted in Ruby/Sapphire and if everyone here sent their game problems to one person, i'm sure that person would feel overworked and eventually grow annoyed of this; not to mention that no one else here would have the chance to help, as well as it decreasing the amount of posts in this section.
    So what i'm trying to say here, is that it's best to show your helpful knowledge of the games by replying (on this board) with solutions to the problems posted on these forums, so that everyone can see
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