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    I have a question (or more of an idea) that I have wanted to ask regarding the future of pokemon. Obviously, 3D is the next big thing, but what about something else?

    The recent(ish) HeartGold and SoulSilver had a setup in them that could be employed in future games, one that i personally liked. The devs connected the Kanto and Johto regions, giving a sense of one large journey, one that continues after eight gyms and one E4+1 stint. I found that pretty fun to toy with in my head (wackjob, i know).
    What if a major release down the line incorporated EVERY created region (to that point) in one game?: All the regions were connected and you moved from one to the next, collecting badges and battling their respective E4+1's. I was never a huge fan of the anime, but would this component make it more of a reputation building adventure, as you travel the "world" trying to "catch 'em all"?

    In a way this would lead to an endgame much different then past games. Instead of completing sidequests after an initial victory, you simply move on to conquer the next region. Until you win on the "final stage," you would never be trapped in a timeless warp of training and retraining that every player experiences at a game's conclusion, when all has been accomplished. Have I gotten you thinking? What if 3DS updates added new regions to the game as they came out? How 'bout now?

    What do you guys think? Is it possible that this would ever happen? Simply a scenario to stir some discussion.

    Regards, Chris

    PS. Please do not use the "too much data to store on a gamecard" excuse.
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