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Gary the Gulpin, Optimus-Prime the Ditto
What made you join? Well I was on the server when the topic of this club was brought up, but still it interested me because blob Pokemon are very cute and usually excellent battlers. Also Golurk and Sophie are awesome people so I wanted to contribute to their club that I can tell they worked very hard on .
Answer/Contribute to the current topic: I chose my partners based on a couple of things. First Gulpin is a very cute Pokemon. Possibly one of the cutest ever. Green is my favorite color and well...Gulpin is green! I have also found it to be a great battler and really just love it <3. Second I chose Ditto. How could you not like this guy? He is cute, useful, and did I mention cute? Also he can become anything which is AMAZING!!! His nickname is very clever because of the show Transformers...get it? Also to add on would Castform be considered a blob? it is blobish.

Gary the Gulpin.-----------Optimus Prime the Ditto.