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    Nice to meet you. : o

    Yeah, Strength seems good on the surface...

    Until you realize you have to summon something else too to make an Xyz. Which is okay, but not really good enough as a summon by itself. It's just not a particularly strong or forceful card (no meaningful effect other than, you know, making an Xyz monster) - you might as well play Aster Drawn. Plus, is shuffling a Spellbook even meaningful if it's usually just a one-shot effect anyway? Why not play Grand Spellbook Tower? Grand Spellbook Tower is far stronger in terms of utility and awesomeness, because everybody likes free cards every turn. (You might make the argument that Strength is an okay beatstick, and sure, it's fine at doing that, but I'd still take Aster Drawn most days of the week over Strength).

    As for why triple Junon: Agents are a dominant force in the metagame. One of the key reasons they are dominant is their ability to casually deploy the beatstick and spot removal machine known as Master Hyperion. Spot removal + on-demand summon + good body makes a card extremely strong; Junon, although being a little harder to summon, is no exception to this rule. This is another reason to focus more strongly on Prophecy - Junon is just that good, and Justice gives you free cards while fetching Junon (akin to a slower version of Agent of Mystery - Earth).

    The only reason I said that triple Compulsory was bad was because you have no Trap lineup period (including things that would likely be better, such as Torrential Tribute - although CED is a fine 2-of) ... why not cut more Spells and run more Traps? Fortune Ladies are often dead draws if you draw them (Water, Fire, Dark) and Wonder Wand is plenty fine as a card advantage engine - the suite of triple Fortune's Future and Future Visions is highly detrimental to the actual playability of the deck because it prevents you from playing a defensive Trap lineup and thus maintain any field advantage you might have previously accumulated, not to mention the fact that if you cut all the Fortune Ladies you will receive 11 additional slots to play with.

    Those are my thoughts on the matter. (Basically - the bigger problems, or rather the problems you didn't address - consistency and lack of synergy.)


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