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I have always been collecting bootlegged pokemon roms, they are such fun. Last week, I began trying to find almost every bootleg ever. Considering that, I haven't got a lot of them so I need help!


Pokemon Sacred Gold
Pokemon Storm Silver
Pokemon Pitch Black
Pokemon Pure White
Pokemon Blazer Black
Pokemon Volt White
Pokemon White 649
Pokemon Perfect Platinum
Pokemon Ambar
Pokemon Aspera
Pokemon Adamantite
Pokemon Cataclysm
Pokemon Crazy Vie 1.3 Beta
Pokemon CrystalDust
Pokemon Crimson
Pokemon Dragon Stone 2
Pokemon Dimension Legends
Pokemon Garnet and Jade
Pokemon Hack
Pokemon Heaven
Pokemon Infernal Legend
Pokemon Jasper
Pokemon Keyra
Pokemon Legend of Fenju
Pokemon Legend 2.5
Pokemon Lightning Yellow
Pokemon Lilac
Pokemon Liquid Ocean Pre-Beta
Pokemon Morganite
Pokemon Mission
Pokemon Mythic Legends
Pokemon Mitic Islands Beta 1
Pokemon Nemesis
Pokemon Naranja 2
Pokemon Never Black&White
Pokemon Obsidian
Pokemon Origen
Pokemon Oro Sole
Pokemon Palladium
Pokemon Pure Gold
Pokemon Psychic
Pokemon Rebirth
Pokemon Rijon Adventure Beta 2009
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians Beta 2
Pokemon Saga Dark Violet
Pokemon Sako
Pokemon School
Pokemon: Shattered Dreams
Pokemon Shrouded Chaos
Pokemon Team Rocket- Jessie & James Edition
Pokemon Tiberium
Pokemon Top Secret
Pokemon Turquoise
Pokemon Third Element
Pokemon Thunder Emblem Beta 1
Pokemon Topaz Final
Pokemon Ultimate End
Pokemon Zephyr
Pokemon Waterfall
Pokemon (Old) White
Pokemon World Tour II
Pokemon Prism Beta 2
Pokemon Brown
Pokemon Dark Future
Pokemon Pikachu Edition 2009
Pokemon Ace
Pokemon Aqua Version
Pokemon Arcoiris
Pokemon Armageddon
Pokemon Ash Grey
Pokemon Ashes
Pokemon Ash’s Quest
Pokemon Awesome
Pokemon Azure Horizons
Pokemon Black Orb
Pokemon Blue Dreams
Pokemon Blue Sea
Pokemon Celebi’s Return
Pokemon Chaos Black
Pokemon Chrono
Pokemon Crono
Pokemon Crystal Shards
Pokemon Dark Begin
Pokemon Dark Blue
Pokemon Dark Cry
Pokemon Dark Time
Pokemon Darkstar Road To Dreams
Pokemon Deathborn
Pokemon Deathborn 2
Pokemon Dragon World
Pokemon Electric
Pokemon Eruption
Pokemon Extra
Pokemon Flora Sky
Pokemon Frigo Returns
Pokemon Frosty
Pokemon Genesis
Pokemon Heroes
Pokemon Identity
Pokemon Iris
Pokemon Light Platinum
Pokemon Liquid Crystal
Pokemon Marble
Pokemon Mirage
Pokemon Mystical
Pokemon Naranja
Pokemon Omega
Pokemon Orange
Pokemon Orchid
Pokemon Perla
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Quartz
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends
Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers
Pokemon Shining Opal
Pokemon Shiny Gold
Pokemon Sienna
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Smeraldo
Pokemon Snakewood
Pokemon Spirit
Pokemon Stardrop
Pokemon Steel Edge
Pokemon Steel Hack
Pokemon Styro
Pokemon Aqua
Pokemon Green
Pokemon Karton
Pokemon Oro
Pokemon Prism
Pokemon Sprit Gold
Pokemon Amarillo
Pokemon Azul
Pokemon Bombermon
Pokemon Generations
Pokemon Revolution
Pokemon Z
Pokemon Z 2

Please help me make the list bigger, Thanks!